Heles Cakes: Mrs Ngozi Helen shares her success story

Heles Cakes
Heles Cakes: Mrs Ngozi Helen shares her success story

Being a pastry chef is one of the lucrative business trending in our society today, many have become successful through it, while some have turned into a full time entrepreneurs because they never wished to settle for the less.

“I became famous today in cake decoration because I have an unending love for it. In fact, when I was young, my parents, they run a restaurant – I always take pieces of dough to create my own pastries. At first I wanted to be an engineer but decided to groom my baking passion and hobby.

Those above statements are the words one the famous Cake Decorators in Aba – Mrs.  Ngozi Helen Obi-Chukwuma, the CEO of Helescakesandevents.

Helescakes recently got featured on Aba Market Place.com (AMP). She talked about how she get started, where she is today and what really helped her despite many competitors in the business.

Mrs. Ngozi, not only that she is famous, but she is very creative. When she was tipped-off that she has been featured on AMP, she was very excited and ready to tell us her secrets.

She said; “when starting up Heles Cakes, I have always known that I will be this famous one day because I have dreamt of it. I work for it and it’s never a surprise seeing myself where I’m today!

“When I started Heles cakes, it wasn’t that easy, you know in an environment like Aba, people hardly patronized me – I remember vividly someone asked me, do you think it’s that easy to spend N5, 000 to buy a birthday cake?

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“That question got me, says Mrs. Ngozi.

“But I never have the thought of quitting – rather, I worked very hard, increase my cake quality and those people who think they can’t spend N5,000 to buy a birthday cake are the ones calling me today to place an order for birthday cakes.

“Yes, I mean it. People placed their orders and wait for us to deliver.

Mrs.  Ngozi Helen Obi-Chukwuma, the CEO of Helescakesandevents

“I said us, because it’s no longer only me. I started alone, but today, Heles Cakes has become a brand name, I have paid workers, students and contract staffs. We do event management, decoration and cake baking.

“I used to cook, but I stopped cooking when I started having kids. Mrs. Ngozi says.

Sharing her secrets of Heles Cakes, she said:

“Yes! The secret is very simple, being in this business has taught me a lot of secrets, at least I have been in this business for the past 10 years, after I graduated from the University as a Civil Engineer and decided to groom my baking passion and hobby.

“For the past 10-yrs I have learnt a lot, people love my cakes, speak good about it because I work very hard to make sure it meet customers standard. Although, you can’t please everybody, but you have to try your best when it comes to customers – because they are always right (Laughs).

“My secret in cake making is simple, as someone who has an unending love in catering and cake baking, I do my best to make sure my customers are very satisfied whenever they taste my cake.

“If they’re satisfied, they will do the marketing for you. Although, I also do marketing at times, but most of my customers came through word of mouth – from people who have tasted my cake, and 25% of them came through social media.

Social media?

“Yes, social media is another tool that has helped me grow in this business – it has really, really helped me. It’s one of the key secrets that pushed Helescakesandevents to many places.

“Few years ago,  I and my team mates came first in a cake competition organized last year in Lagos – Yes, we came first. We brought the trophy home.

“Talking about social media as a tool, what I simply mean is, if you’re trying to venture into this business make sure you have all the necessary gadget you need.

“As you can see, I use my phone to take pictures, as a smart phone the pictures are always good and bright. I invested in a good gadget because I know it will help me in my business.

“Cake decoration is a psychological work. People get moved by what they see, but it doesn’t mean your cake will only be attractive and can’t taste good.

“You have to make sure your cake taste great, attractive and then take pictures of it, post it on a social media page where you created for your business – Make people to like your social media page and you’re good to go. That’s my secret!

“I have accounts on three different social media account; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and they have really helped me in bringing more customers because my cake images are great and attractive, when someone sees it, it moves the person like, Wow!

“That is my secret on how social media has helped me and it might help you too.

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Meanwhile, Mrs. Ngozi told Aba Market Place that her dream is to make Helescakesandevents a household name in Africa, not just only in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

Helescakesandevents is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Like her on Facebook: Heles Cakes and Events
Follow her on Instagram: Heles Cakes and Events
Whatsapp: 08035466234

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Below are some of her Creative cake decorations:

Heles Cakes: Mrs Ngozi Helen shares her success story
Heles Cakes Products
Heles Cakes
Heles Cakes Products

As an event guru, here is her before and after decoration – Awesome isn’t it?

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