Dr Ezekiel Izuogu says his new invention is a perpetual motion machine

Dr Ezekiel Izuogu says his new invention is a perpetual motion machine
Dr. Ezekiel Izuogu

Dr Ezekiel Izuogu, an electrical/electronics engineer, who from early childhood, had demonstrated a great flair for inventive and creative knowledge. As a child, he had built virtually every technical household appliance needed by his family and friends.

In his recent interview with Daily Sun Nigeria, he revealed that his recent invention which he is working on is an in-magnetic dynamic machine otherwise known as a “perpetual motion machine”.

Although, researchers have been doing everything possible to build a machine that work by itself, without sourcing for external help or energy.

They have tried every possible best, but all their effort proved fruitless as inventing such machine can never work because it can only exist in isolated systems, and true isolated systems do not exist, according to Wikipedia

However, in an interview about his recent invention, and how the Russian government has shown an interest, Dr. Izuogu said it is a miracle that a perpetual motion machine has worked in Nigeria, a country tagged as having no knowledge of science and technology.

According to Dr. Izuogu; “It has not been easy. That is what we have been working on. It is a perpetual motion machine. It is an engine that is not worked by any fueling system and power. It manufactures its own fuel and continues working for an indefinite period of time. It can work for 50 years, 100 years but is a perpetual motion machine. It can work for long.

The scientist stated that few years back, the president of America, Barrack Obama, gave out $2billion to two companies to try to manufacture this machine. They spent the money, but they couldn’t do it.

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“It is a miracle that it has worked in Nigeria of all places and we are very happy that the Russian federation, after studying it for years, decided to patent in it. Dr. Izugo said.

He further revealed that the Russian government has shown an interest to patent the rare invention which has caused most of the world known scientist sleepless night to invent.

“Everything in patenting is done in the Russian federation. It is the best in Euro-Russia. When it comes to intellectual property, they are the best. They are fantastic. The arguments were not easy. In the end, the Russian scientists said they were highly impressed coming from Nigeria of all places.

“They were highly impressed by this achievement. And apart from the Russian federation, fifty-something other countries have fully patented including Switzerland, South Africa, Korea etc. Only 99 countries have accepted the work.

“The work is based on two laws of magnetic dynamics. The two laws work in time of the conservation of energy.  In other words, they beat the law of conservation of energy. So, any country that has accepted this invention has actually said no to the law of conservation of energy as far as this is concern.

Speaking of when the research started and how he and his team were able to breakthrough and come up with the invention of a machine that has been tagged as impossible, Mr. Izugo revealed that their research started a very long time ago but was never made public until now.

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“The project started 36 years ago, said Dr. Izuogu.

“But I have read some intellectual law that if you have a patentable invention, you must not make it public. If you make it public, you lose it. So, we never gave it to anybody until finally we found a place. We filed the patent through the internet in Geneva, the headquarters of World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Immediately we filed it, the computer would receive it and give you a receipt through the internet and that was what we did. Immediately that receipt got into our hands, the invention became yours.

“They now gave it to their professors to look at the invention whether it was genuine or not. They took 30 months to study it and at the end of it, they said it was a genuine invention. The International Property Organization published it their magazine. It circulated in more than 186 countries of the world. They wrote to us and said; ‘look you can now go to different countries and patent your invention.’ That was when we started going to countries.

“So, very soon, the result of the patenting process will start coming in. Many countries have not patented because they are scared. They said how can Nigeria be teaching us science and technology?  Nigeria doesn’t know science and technology, so how can they be the ones teaching us? And I said it is not about Nigeria. Knowledge belongs to God.

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“It is God who reveals secret to man for the blessing of human beings in the world. And God can reveal that secret to anybody he wants to reveal it to. There is no monopoly. That is why I celebrate the Russian scientists. They are wonderful and humble people. They have gone very far in science and technology and for them to come back and say, look, this one, we have not invented it, this one comes from Nigeria, let us recognize it and put our signature on it.

Meanwhile, Dr. Izuogu talked about fundings, which according to him, the financial commitment has been massive.

“It is not something an individual pays for. Dailysun quoted Izuogu as saying.

“But we have tried to pay for it. Friends have supported us. Friends have put in 65 million dollars or the equivalent of 160 million naira into this. A governor in the west has done that, some other friends have put in 20 million, 10 million, most of them, donations that is the amount of goodwill we have in this country that people trust us.

The video below shows a scientist proving that inventing a “perpetual motion machine” can not possible, but Dr. Izuogu said he did.


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