BREAKING: EFCC set to Arrest Charles Ogbonnaya over Multi Billion Fraud Scandal

EFCC set to Arrest Charles Ogbonnaya over Multi Billion Fraud Scandal

Report has it that the former commissioner of Chieftaincy and local government Affairs, Chief Charlie Ogbonna might be arrested by the EFCC following how he mismanaged funds meant for the projects in Local Government in Abia.

According to Abia Facts Newspaper, there are indications that Local Government Councilors in Abia State were set to protest against the Chief Ogbonna yesterday before frantic effort was made to stop the protest which was billed to be kick started in Aba.

These councilors were set to protest due to what they describe as highhandedness and financial misappropriation which the former commissioner takes advantage of his office to commit.

Based on further research, Abia Facts Newspaper gathered that the 17 Local Government Area Executive Chairmen in Abia State are equally extremely upset with Chief Ogbonna for the same reason as the councilors. It is also said that the chairmen have kept mute due to constant impeachment threat by the former commissioner, it is alleged that bulk of the chairmen came through the former commissioner.

Our source who want to maintain anonymous but is attached to the Chieftaincy and Local Government Affairs Commission revealed to us that former honorable commissioner was the major reason Local Government workers have not been paid salary since January, he is also the reason why Executive Chairmen cannot execute projects, in fact the source maintained that if the former commissioner is not stopped, he will bring down the government of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu.

Our source insisted that the need to stop Chief Charles Ogbonna’s re-appointment is extremely important because it will immediately facilitate the speedy payment of council workers, it will also stop the massive financial misappropriation taking place during JAAC meetings and likewise enable chairmen to execute projects for the betterment of the rural people which was the desire of Governor Ikpeazu to call for Local Government election.

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Our source alleged that the former commissioner takes home above N100m (One Hundred Million Only) monthly from JAAc for his personal pocket, this action has deeply affected salary payment and development in the rural areas.

The sources of misappropriation as alleged by our source includes the following:

1. JAAC maintenance fee – N13m monthly

The question now is, what is JAAC maintenance fee?

Who is the money paid to?

What is the money used in maintaining?

2. ASEPA – N85m monthly.

Why will Federal Government allocation for Local Government Areas be used to pay ASEPA?

ASEPA collects levy from Abians and also gets budgetary allocation from the state government, why another N85m?

Does the money really get to ASEPA?

3. Consultants – N40m monthly.

Who are these consultants?

What are they consulting with Local government allocation?

Who engaged these consultants?

4. Swoshers Service Limited – N9.1m monthly into FCMB Acct: 3373498073 (For Cleaning of Abia Environs)

What then is the job of ASEPA, why should Swoshers Service Limited receive another N9.1m monthly for cleaning?

Who is behind this Swoshers Service Limited? It is alleged that the company is owned by Chief Charles Ogbonna’s son.

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5. Okey Technical Construction – N4.5m monthly into Fidelity Acct: 4010727804

Even Local government chairmen cannot explain why the

money is allegedly paid to Okey Technical Construction.

6. Samba Beddings – N41m monthly into Fidelity acct: 4010889054

Is Samba Beddings supplying beddings worth N41m monthly to the Chieftaincy and Local Government Affairs commission? Please we need answers.

7. Security – N80m monthly

8. Media – N25m monthly

Our source went further to allege that these above mentioned accounts and companies are conduit pipes used by the former commissioner to misappropriate state funds meant for local governments in Abia state. It was also alleged that the former commissioner paid N1.5m to Abia State Education secretaries as running cost and he instructed them to return N700,000.00 each to him which they did as alleged.

Speaking to a local government official from Abia North who want to remain anonymous, he maintained that Chief Charlie Ogbonna is the reason Local Government Areas are not working in Abia state, the chairman went further to say that the commissioner goes home with more than N100m monthly from the above mentioned conduit pipes, he queried why a councilor will be paid N90,000.00 as pegged by the former commissioner and why should an executive chairman receive N1m as running cost for a local government area and likewise stopped from executing projects meant to touch the life of the rural people.

The official insisted that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu should not re appoint Chief Charlie Ogbonna if he really wants to govern Abians transparently as Chief Ogbonna is one of those painting the government bad with his actions and attitude which kills the good intention of the governor.

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While speaking to some Local Government Councilors from Aba North who want to remain anonymous, but are preview to the above allegation of financial misappropriation, they insisted that the former commissioner be handed over to EFCC or ICPC for further investigation as his actions were meant to sabotage the government and paint the governor as incapable and weak. They advised the governor to resist every attempt or pressure which may be mounted on him to re appoint the former commissioner if he actually wants his government to succeed.

The Councilors confirmed the position of the LG Official early quoted who said the former commissioner goes home with more than N100m monthly after every JAAC meeting, the councilors also drew the attention of Abia Facts Newspaper to the fact that Local government workers have not been paid salary for the past 5 months.

As at the time of publication, effort was made to reach Chief Charlie Ogbonna for his side of the story, but he was not available, Abia Facts Newspaper gathered that he traveled abroad and his phone numbers were switched off.

More details coming…


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