Biafrans has everything It takes to destroy the entire Northern region – Gowon

Yakubu Gowon

The former Head of State General Yakubu Gowon has cautioned his northern kinsmen to do anything possible to settle and sort out issues with the Biafrans and avoid engaging them in warfare.

Gowon gave the advice in a closed door meeting, reminding them that during the civil war these people had nothing at all but they still were able to hold on with their limited resources for three years and some months, therefore going down that same lane with them again will be such a risky and dangerous step to take now that they have virtually everything it takes to destroy and wipe out the entire northern region under the shortest possible time.

He went on elaborating on the need to make peace with the Igbos and convincing them to remain in Nigeria as one indivisible entity making them see the danger of disintegration, rather than applying the use of force on them again stating that it is far too deadly to be considered an option.

Also in reaction to this some northern elders who were present in the forum insisted that the Igbos are the ones who are gunning for war this time around.

They vowed to engage them if the war starts all over again. This they said pointing out that the northerners won’t sit down and fold their hands and watch the Igbos leave the country.



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