Biafra: IPOB Children Cry For Help As Nnamdi Kanu’s Wife Visits Aba

Biafra: IPOB Children Cry For Help As Nnamdi Kanu's Wife Visits Aba

By Clinton Uwaoma

The children of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)  Abia state chapter today cried for help from super power countries in the presence of the wife of the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) Mrs.Uchechi Okwu Kanu who visited Aba for the Biafran Children Conference.

The children who were addressing Mrs. Kanu and the mammoth crowd who gathered to welcome her in this year’s Biafran Children Conference organized in Aba by the IPOB Abia state chapter in remembrance of all the children who starved to death during the 1967-1970 civil war, urged world leaders to give them a nation where they’ll be cared for.

On behalf of the children, Miss Oluchi who gave the welcome speech wept deeply as she delivered her speech. In her words, “we the children of Biafra want to ask the whole world, super powers, UN, AU and ECOWAS what our offense and that of our patents are to deserve all these ill treatments?

“Yes, it’s obvious that Nigeria is hard to everybody, but the plight of we Biafrans especially we children are beyond what humans should pass through. On daily bases we are made orphans as our parents can go out and never return due to the harsh treatment they pass through in the hands of government security agents. Most of us here are orphans and the only crime we committed is that we’re Biafrans.

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“If there is another crime we committed aside just being Biafrans let the whole world open up to us and we shall apologize. If we have wronged the world in any other way let them tell us and we shall accept our errors as children and repent from it. The international organizations should come to our aid  and save us from the poor conditions and inhuman treatments we are into here by giving our parents what we all want, which is a land that will accommodate and treat us as humans.

Miss Chioma, another child also presented a speach titled, “the cry of a Biafran child”. In her words, “from birth, we’ve being witnessing the level of hatred our parents have been facing in a country they once called their own. Most of us our parents ran back home from the northern parts of Nigeria due to the hostile treatments they faced and these conditions are awaiting us if nothing is done to save us. As a Biafra child and Biafran children, we cry for help. Hear our cries and liberate us and we shall ever remain grateful to you all as our God will bless you.”

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Addressing the children, Mrs. Uchechi Okwu Kanu, stated that it’s unfortunate that after 50 years people who are telling the history of Biafra have constantly refused to talk about the starved children or try to remember them. “Children I’m happy that today you’re aware that this struggle is for you. Looking at all you’ve made with your hands, I see the potentials in you. These were the same potentials that were starved to death. Up to two million potentials were malicious starved to death and as we remember them today, I urge you all to focus more in your education as the restoration of Biafra will make your stars to shine.”

Nnamdi Kanu’s wife, Uchechi visit Aba

“Their hopes and aspirations are in our shoulders now, but if we give them the good things they really need at these tender age, they’ll carry our own hopes and aspirations. Biafran children must be thoroughly educated and equipped for what the future holds for them and us all.”

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In her  address to the  families who have lost people during the agitation, Mrs. Uchechi Kanu stated that the movement is the one that requires sacrifice and no sacrifice paid for Biafra will go unnoticed and no blood shade is a waste as the seeds are about to germinate.

In her words, “Biafra is one movement no human can claim to be in charge of. It’s ordained by God and man is only but a tool for actualization of it. Many persons have died, many blood have been shade, but I tell you today that the souls lost and blood of the innocent Biafrans shade must continue to cry for justice.

“Accept my sympathy as it pains me to hear and see all these. Your spirit is resolute and your courage is immeasurable. I thank you all and keep the movement on.”

The children used the opportunity to present some of their creative works to Mrs. Kanu and other persons who gathered during the occasion. The crowd responded by appreciating the children with monetary gifts and morale boosting praises.


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