Bad road network killing our business, Aba business owners laments

Bad road network killing our business, Aba business owners laments

Business owners in Aba have disclosed their biggest fear are whenever raining season approaches, not just because it’s raining season but because Aba and its environs is so dilapidated that whenever it’s raining people start getting afraid.

Why? Because every business in the city experiences hurdles until dry season sets in – Most people who came from other cities to buy goods stops coming because it’s raining season, and this is Aba.

This situation has been the biggest challenges business owners in Aba do experience, and it has become one of the key points the politicians uses to win our votes.

“Vote for me, and I will make Aba great again! the resident always hear, whenever it’s election.

Funny! Did you notice that currently, what is causing the traffic congestion along Aba Owerri road by Umungasi is just a small pothole that can be fixed within the gap of 10 minutes? – And did you also know that the pothole has been causing gridlock that people get trapped close to 30-40 minutes before crossing the part?

The present government, Governor Ikpeazu’s administration claimed it has worked over 50 roads in Aba. The truth is he may have done that, but it’s just a less important roads he did work on.

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Roads been constructed by Ikpeazu and his men are just short kilometer roads, and most of the road are less important to the people living in the city. Aba Owerri Road is a case study.

This situation has caused a lot of damage in Aba. A business owner in Aba, a lady who sells food stuff in Ahia Ohuru (New Market) told Abacityblog that raining season is her worst nightmare.

“We hardly sell whenever it’s raining season in Aba, sometimes some of our vegetables spoils in our storage.

Asked why? She said, “bad road network, people hardly patronize us whenever it’s raining season, not just us… Aba has no good road.

“We are suffering, she laments!

“I think it’s not just bad roads because Aba has been like this for years, so it has become part of us, she added.

“I also think markets aren’t moving because people who mostly patronize us hasn’t been paid.

According to her, markets do move when civil servants in the state are being paid.

“Yes, we do sell enough market when civil servants receive their salaries, they patronize us very well because we sell food stuff and people must eat. But the government has been owing them 7-8 months, how would they get money talk less of buying goods from us? The lady asked.

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The present situation in Aba is rough, markets are not moving fine, the roads are dilapidated to the extent people are afraid to walk on the street.

“Where would you walk on? A resident asked Abacityblog.

The roads are bad, streets are also bad, those that have private vehicles have parked their car and make use of the public transport.

A private car owner told Abacityblog, “I parked my car because I’m afraid this type of Aba roads can give my car a damage that I will not be able to pay the bills and that of my children.

The truth is, major roads in Aba are not motorable, the ones being worked by Ikpeazu are less important. Port Harcourt road, is one of the major link road, Aba Owerri Road is the only road that takes visitors into Aba town, but since 2015 the road has been in a deplorable condition, it really deserves the government attention.

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A hotel manager in Aba recently told Abacityblog that their business suffers a setback whenever raining season approaches. According to him, “we hardly entertain customers this time around, the road networks are bad, people are always afraid of where they will ply their vehicle.

“People on the street are afraid of where they will walk on, this is a situation we see whenever raining season approaches.

“We are calling on the Abia State government to do the needful, he pleaded.

Meanwhile, moving around the city, Abacityblog observed that most of the major roads are in deplorable condition, except Faulks road which is currently undergoing construction. But the people living by Ukwu Mango by Faulks road are seriously lamenting.

The roads in Aba need to be fixed to enable good inflow of business activities – Businesses are closing up because of bad environment.

Aba is a place known as a business hub, but the current state of the city is never encouraging. The city needs to be fixed.


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