Why I Have Not Seen My Twins Since Their Birth – Harrysong


Few days ago, fans of Harrysong took a swipe at him for posting a twin baby photo, which they said the babies are not his.

The caption of the twin baby photo he posted on his Instagram handle causes the argument, as he addressed the babies as his own.

The argument heated so bad to the extent some of his fans lambasted him. But the singer has cleared the air, over the weekend when he told an interviewer that he is the father of those babies he posted their photo.

Harrysong said, “I’ve not seen the kids. I’ve been very busy, very very busy. They’re still in LA. They are not around.”

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He added, “It’s been amazing. I just saw pictures, the mother has been sending me pictures.

“And it’s a responsibility I own [up] to. However it is, I give God praise for it.”

He added that his relationship with his former music label, Five Star Music was still healthy.

He said, “We’re friends, we’re family. AlterPlate is doing good, Five Star is doing good. We’re one.”



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