Umuahia: The City Of Refuse – by Ugochukwu Nwankwo

Umuahia Abia State Capital

By Ugochukwu Nwankwo

After my investigation into the state of refuse disposal and some revelations that came out of it, I had decided never to write about it until yesterday.

I drove into Umuwaya road from Uwalaka only to see that the road has been blocked and people now use one lane. I had to pack only to behold that the heavy filled trash can was almost at the center of the road and heaps of refuse beside it. How did we get to this point?

I decided to turn cos I didn’t want to to take the one way and faced Eket street only to observe that though the gate is widely ajar, yet even a pedestrian cannot use the street without mounting on the mountain of refuse.

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Which one do I talk about, is the one at upstairs line world bank? Or Bende Road…?

I think it’s high time the ASEPA GM tells Abians what is happening, because it has become a chronic case and we are faced daily with a possible outbreak of an epidemic. The other day he was at Abia House of Assembly with his deputy GM, yet no improvement. I have unconfirmed report that some private contractors have been contracted to do most of the jobs…if that is true, then ASEPA has to be absolved from the blames.

I don’t know why Government will choose to play politics with the health of the electorate. People are virtually living inside piles and heaps of refuse.

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Umuahia: The City Of Refuse

I still cannot factor what is difficult about refuse disposal…it’s heartbreaking how minute primary responsibilities of government can be so neglected and unaccomplished. It reveals why virtually nothing is happening in the state.

If carting away ordinary refuse has become rocket science to Abia State Government, what else do you expect? Look at Aba Road, the only state Government road project in Umuahia North, which they said a grade One contractor is handling, how many years will it take Government to complete that very short distance, they are there running around in circles…God is watching and Abians are watching!

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One thing is certain, no one will get an extra time to do what is supposed to be done with the real time. We know what all these foot dragging portends, but God has a way of making a name for himself.

Abia must be liberated from the shackles of recklessness and negligence!


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