Restructuring: Nigeria still under colonial administration – Retd DIG Ekpoudom

Retired Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), Mr. Udom Ekpoudom

Retired Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), Mr. Udom Ekpoudom has said Nigeria needs to be restructured in order to save the country from the present myriad of agitations.

Ekpoudom also described the quit notice given the Igbo by the Arewa youths as treasonable and contravenes the laws of the land.

Speaking with Vanguard in his office at Edene Abak, Akwa Ibom State, the former police chief, said Biafra agitators are not necessarily seeking to split the country but drawing attention of the Federal Government to issues of neglect and marginalization.

He added that Nigeria needs to be restructured based on the principles of federalism, this will allow ethnic nationalities to come together, create and manage their own resources, Ekpoudom said.

According to him; “constitution which is currently in operation was enacted by an “Order in Council”during the colonial era,when the country was administered as a crown colony.

“This constitution came into effect on the first of January 1914. Subsequent inputs are only amendments here and there. We are still under colonial administration when we consider the ingredients of the existing constitution. There is need to restructure the country.”

He urged the Nigerian Police and the DSS to exercise their constitutional mandate of protecting the lives and properties of Nigerians and ensure that the youths who issued the quit order are arrested.

He explained that the order is not directed at the Igbo alone but the entire South East, South South and South West residents in the north. ”It is an indirect call for division of the country which our founding fathers and nationalists suffered and died to protect.”



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