Quit Notice: UK Govt reacts; Calls for reconciliation between Igbo and Hausa

British High Commission in Abuja

The British High Commission in Abuja has called for reconciliation between the Hausa’s and Igbo’s in order to calm the growing tension in Nigeria.

He also hailed the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo for taking proactive measure to address the agitation occasioned by the calls for the Igbos to vacate the northern region within three months.

A statement by the mission’s press officer, Joe Abuku, said the United Kingdom unequivocally supported the rights of Nigerians to live in any parts of the country without harassment.

The mission therefore, called for calm and reconciliation between the different ethnic groups and communities in the country.

“All Nigerians are entitled to live wherever they want in Nigeria, and we support that right unequivocally.

“Statements calling for the forced removal of one group or another to another part of Nigeria are dangerous and irresponsible.

“We commend and support the Acting President and all those who have opposed these statements.

“We call for calm and for reconciliation between the many ethnic groups and communities that make up and contribute to the strength and diversity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” it stated.

Meanwhile, the acting president Osinbajo had held reconciliation meetings with the leaderships of south east and the north.



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