Orji Kalu: “When I Look In The Mirror I See The Face Of Nigeria”

Dr Orji Uzor Kalu

By Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu

When I look at myself, I see the face of Nigeria; I see the face of Africa. I see myself, I dont see any other person. Then I see the suffering people of Nigeria and Africa that have no access to good health care, good educational system, effective security, good justice system, good housing.

I see the impoverished masses that do not know where the next meal is going to come from, no electricity nor good road network. Just like how I ponder over issues each day I read and listen to news ,so I find myself doing same.

I see the jobless youths of Nigeria and Africa with bogus degrees with no hope of getting a befitting job unless they have a big connection at the top or have to sell thier womanhood to be considered for the very limited job opportunities. I see the downtrodden masses that are denied the right of equality in terms of comfort and leisure.

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Am not saying everybody is equal, yes the five fingers are not equal, but there should be a social arrangement that makes it possible for everybody to atleast have average enjoyment. Yes we are making progress but to me the progress is too slow. We started with Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia but today they are far ahead and we are still behind. Look at India being a member of BRICS and Nigeria is not.

We should by now be a formidable name in everything,we should be able to develop everything, we should be able to manufacture everything in Nigeria: Rocket launching and even build a nuclear plant to power the country. We do not have electricity in the country. Of course Nigeria can afford it. We have the natural and human resources, we have the intellect to do it.

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When you look at my face, you see the face of Nigeria. I’m detribalized. My dealings with people is purely on merit; I don’t talk about tribe, I don’t talk about religion. Am a devoted Catholic. Even when I was governor of Abia state I treated everybody equally: Christains, Muslims, Yorubas, Hausa, there was no discrimination in anyway.

Orji Kalu, former Abia State governor.


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