Maximizing The Onitsha Rivers/Seaport Complex

Onitsha Rivers/Seaport Complex

By Udenihc Urugu

Construction of the Onitsha river/seaport complex in Onitsha, the economic hub of Anambra state, Southeastern by the federal government commenced in the early 1980s. It lies on the east bank of the iconic river Niger, West Africa’s longest river and the third longest river in Africa after the Niger and the Congo rivers respectively.

It was officially commissioned in 2012 by the Goodluck Jonathan government. It is approximately 100miles [150km] from the Atlantic ocean.

Due to it’s strategic location, it has the potential to be the busiest seaport in the west African sub region nay Africa serving the shipping requirements of Nigeria, Northern Cameroon, Chad, Niger etc despite it’s inland location.

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Hamburg seaport is the busiest in Germany and the second busiest in Europe after Rotterdam seaport in the Netherlands and is located 110km on the River Elbe.

To ensure navigation for ocean going vessels, the river should be dredged to the required depth.

Below the confluence of the Niger and Ogbuide River, which serves as a link between the Niger and the Orashi River, a lock should be constructed across the Niger to raise it’s volume.

Thus ocean going vessels can sail to and fro the seaport via the Niger, Ogbuide, Orashi River continuum.

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