Isikwuato Man under fire for lying down, begs Ikpeazu to forgive Uche Ogah

Emeka Ikeagwu

An Indigene of Isikwuato LGA, Abia State, Mr. Emeka Ikwuagwu has been under fire for prostrating before Governor Okezie Ikpeazu on behalf of Dr. Uche Ogah.

Recall that Dr. Uche Ogah dragged Ikpeazu to court over tax forgery certificate, and he prayed the apex court to declared him the rightful governor of Abia State.

Following the outcome of the case, which Ikpeazu came out victorious, the man, Mr. Emeka Ikwuagwu, who prostrated before Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, begged the governor during a thank you visit, to forgive Isuikwuato people for distracting him, (while pointing out the Uche Ogah’s case with the governor).

However, this action of his has been eulogized by Abia State Government official online platform Abia Online, while so many Abia citizens has condemned it.

One Mr. Okey Agu, a concerned Indigene of Abia, in a post he published on his social media page described the action of the young man as a psycho who is seeking a political appointment from Ikpeazu.

According to him, Gov. Ikpeazu is not God and does not have authority to forgive anyone, Emeka Ikwuagwu who is pictured here degrading himself is  from Isukwuato in Abia state; Emeka knows what he is doing; apparently seeking government favor and contract as a suveyor.

Agu wondered why Emeka would prostrate to beg for Ogah sins, which according to him, Ogah  has not done anything wrong, accept seeking to return a stolen mandate by the PDP.

Emeka Ikeagwu
Mr. Emeka Ikeagwu prostrated, begged Gov Ikpeazu on behalf of Uche Ogah

He said; It’s absolutely rubbish asking Gov. Ikpeazu to forgive Ogar. It should be Gov. Ikpeazu who should prostrate before the general assembly of the 27 local councils of Abia state and seek for forgiveness for continuous underdevelopment of Abia state where everything is comatose and ridiculed.

Okey added that; “Emeka can jump into the lagoon to beg on behalf of Ogah but the fact remains that we are not interested and will seek accountability from those what has continuously rape the wealth of Abia people. Power is transient.

Like Okey Agu, other Abia citizens has condemned the action of Ikeagwu. The condemnation was made through comments on Mr. Okey’s post on social media.

Okey posted the above post on his social media timeline and it attracted comments from concerned citizens of Abians.

See screenshot below:

Culled from Abia Facts Newspaper



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