How the month of your birth determines the job you will likely to get in life

Babies and career

First, we talked about the risk of illness, babies born in some months are more likely to get. Now, let’s talk about the jobs that comes with month of birth.

The birth month to potential job research was published using data by the Office for National Statistics in 2011, report says.

According to, findings determined by Oxford University scientists who analysed statistics from the last census revealed that month of birth has more than we thought.

Russell Foster, a neuroscientist based at the prestigious university, said at the time that the effects were ‘very clear’ – despite being small.

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He added: ‘I am not giving voice to astrology – it’s nonsense – but we are not immune to seasonal interference.’

Below, the most likely career paths are detailed for each month.

January   —   Debt Collector
February —   Artist
March     —    Pilot
April      —     Dictator
May       —     Even Spread Of Professions
June       —    CEO  
July        —    Bricklayer
August   —    Problem Student
September   – High-achieving Student
October       – Politician
November   – Serial Killer
December   – Dentist



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