Discussion About The Igbo Quit Notice Rises More Between The People Of Aba


Aba Residents
By Prince Chinedu

The current discussion between the people of Aba lies on the igbo quit notice by the arewa youth’s.

The level of the discussion is ranking high as their discussion remains, If the Igbo’s are definitely going to come back from the north or will the arewa youth’s truly pass out their threats.

However the tension in the heart’s of the people of Aba are really captivating, because most of the Igbo’s living in the north are not yet ready to leave and most of their relatives are people living in the City of Aba.

As the Leader of the Arewa youth’s whom Falana noted that he resides in Lagos has said “In Anything We Are Doing We Have The Support Of Our Elders”. Then the Question remains why “ONE NIGERIA”.

The people of Aba, had earlier stated that it is better to freelingly give us biafra than to continue killing us like chicken’s.

A young man in Aba has said “If the hausa’s will continue to kill the Igbo’s and we the Igbo’s have hausa’s in our land, Love and respect them like our brother’s then let this Nation be divided”



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