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Luxury City Hotel AbaAre you looking for the best hotels in Aba? – Well, bear it in mind that there are over hundreds of hotels in Aba, the commercial city of Abia State, but only few of them gets our thumps up.

Hotels in Aba are many, just as we stated above – Here, in AbaCityBlog, we only selected the most beautiful and affordable hotels for you – but if you’re a high class individual – Aba has the type that suit your likeness.

The hotels we are about to list – has everything you need – from inside and outside – the exterior and the interior – 24hrs of security and lift elevator – is something you don’t want to miss.

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The name – Luxury City Hotels – Located at 84B Aba Owerri road Aba, Abia State – Rings a lot of bells – Ask anyone that has visited or living in Aba – They will testify about how beautiful and affordable the hotel is.

Luxury City Hotel AbaThe hotel has two site – One is “Luxury City Royale” – The other is Luxury City main Hotel.

Interesting Facts About Luxury City Royale

  1. It has a swimming pool
  2. Lift Elevator to ease movement to floors. Exclusive for guests with eye on good taste
  3. Conference Room with Digital Projectors
  4. Royale Suite
  5. Business Suite
  6. Diplomatic Suite
  7. Orthopaedic Luxury
  8. Exclusive Luxury
  9. Free Gym House
  10. Free Barbing Salon

All tastefully furnished with pinging colors

24Hrs security surveillance with in built monitors for you to personally screen your visitors from the comfort of your room. No unauthorized visitors. No open bars in the comfort of your rooms to improve security.

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An exquisite bar for your relaxation, Classical beauty shop with state of the art equipments(Massaging machine, Sauna machine, etc) Free Gym for lodgers only, Free hair cut in the comfort of our beauty shop. Typical Luxury City Royale Style.

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Luxury City Royale has an official website for booking and reservations – visit –

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The second hotel is affordable and cheap – it has some features listed above – see photos below – the interior and exterior is all you dreamt of while looking for a hotel.

Luxury City Royale has an official website for booking and reservations – visit –

Luxury City Hotel Aba

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