Abia: Why we say NO to Chinese firms In Aba – by Chizaram Igolo

Aba Abia State
Governor Ikpeazu with the Chinese Investors In Abia

By Chukwubuikem Chizaram Igolo

Where are the South-East Billionaires? 

Recently, there has been an influx of investors in Aba, the commercial nerve centre of Abia State.

This of course is a thing of joy and is welcome heart-warmingly by all stakeholders from the Government of Abia state to the resilient goods manufacturers to the consumers.

However, it is sad that the Government of Abia State has signed a deal with a Chinese shoe firm to come and “settle” in Aba. This is sad because, this Chinese market will eclipse the honest labour of the goods manufacturers of the Elephant city.

We say “Onye ka mmadu, ka Chi ya”. If we allow others to be ‘superior’ to us, we become inferior to them as regards to the manufacturing sector in Aba. We are doing well on the path we are going, and as a son of Abia state, I can explain why allowing a Chinese firm in Abia will be to our disadvantage as Abians and Ndi-Igbo at large.

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1). The Chinese shoe firm being well funded, well supported and already having a large market share in Africa will shove the locally made shoes out of the market and kill the growing indigenous market in Aba, thereby putting to waste the effort of industrious Aba manufacturers.

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2). The Chinese firm(s) will engage our people in labour no doubt, but will pay them lower in the long run. Subsistence by workers on meagre incomes for tedious jobs is a penchant Chinese firms are known for. This will hence reduce the standard of living rather than increase it, while our foreign competitors make huge profits.

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3). There will a much lower Income per Capita and cash flow between citizens because monies will be deducted from the higher salaries that should have been paid to workers and be padded to the fat and monopolistic profits by the Chinese firm(s).

4). The Aba’s Indigenous market’s share will be constricted at home and abroad.

5). This habit of waiting for Ndi Ocha to do everything for us will make us less self-reliant.

6). Aba produces a lot Indigenously, shoes, clothes, dredging machines, Agro-allied machines, e.t.c

The Aba market is a multi-billion dollar industry and we are not willing to lose such an immense volume of internally generated revenue to foreign competitors and firms.

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We will however be better off employing the services of the Chinese firm(s) as consultants and co-partner/investors in the already promising indigenous market in Aba. We are not ready for an ‘inbred’ competition.

We use this medium to call on the good billionaires and business tycoons of Aba, Abia, South-East and all Ala-Igbo to think home and come to the support of the promising indigenous market of Aba so that we can say no to foreign markets.


Ka Chukwu mezie okwu, gozie r’anyi n’ile mma. Amen.
Chizaram Igolo a concerned Abia citizen


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