By Genny Nazy Okoli

Every relationship is different and there is no manual or how to guide go make things work out. Each relationship must has it’s ups and down in which every couple will learn a valuable lesson along the way.

In our society today many relationships and marriages fails for one reason or another, sometimes we quit once our relationship are faced with challenges.

The fact  is that relationship whether dating or married are hard, things do not always go perfectly, fighting does occur, it requires commitment from both parties for make it a success.

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There are few of things you can do to strengthen and enhance your relationship.

1). Having To Say You Are Sorry:

Loving means having to say you’re sorry, when you make a mistake by doing or saying something that can hurt or damage your relationship don’t hesitate to say you’re sorry. Often times people struggle with these words even when they know that what they did was wrong. Don’t wait for long to say it, say it immediately and with utmost sincerity,when couples argue with their partners, there is a long period of silence. Which result in making the anger and tension worse. Let your mate know that it was a mistake and ask for forgiveness.

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2). Realistic Expectations:

Sometimes we keep expecting because our mate got some wonderful and flawless character,then we forget that no one is perfect, make sure your expectations you have on your partner are realistic,no matter how wonderful you both are. There is going go be difference in opinion, Probably some arguments and disagreements here and there.

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When discussing something important make sure that you both understand the same thing, the reality remains that neither one of you is going to know exactly what the other one needs, it’s another way of getting to know and communicate with each other.

3). Learn From Your Mistakes:

Repeating the same mistake each time ruin and kills relationships. When something goes wrong and the two of you work through it, do not repeat the same mistake rather than to dive back into the previous mistake relax and think before you act,it might take some discipline but seeing a positive results in the relationship,be encouraged that it is working.

4). Night Of Passion:

Intimacy in relationships is not only important but also healthy, couple need to have time and enjoy being together in an intimate way is part of rebuilding and strengthening it. When relationship are troubled the last thing either person wants is to be sexual  or passionate with each other, make your intimate time together special,surprise your partner with a reserve nice  romantic evening at a hotel. Include a wonderful candlelit dinner,a beautiful room, a warm bubble bath lighted candle and soft music.

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5). Make Your Partner Feels Good:

Here are some recommendations for making your mate to feel special.

  • Lavish him/her with compliments .
  • Act jealous once in awhile even if you’re not.
  • Tell him/her how much she/he means to you.
  • Show affectionate to her/him in front of family and friends.
  • Let them know that he/she is your best friend.
  • Flirt with them publicly.

A healthy relationship is the best relationship.

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