Why I Prefer Restructuring Of Nigeria to Biafra – Ezeife, former Anambra governor

Ezeife, former Anambra governor

Former Anambra State governor, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife has revealed his reasons why he prefers restructuring of Nigeria rather than agitating for Biafra nation.

Ezeife said, although, getting Biafra now will be a great and a joyful thing, especially to Ndi-Igbo, as Buhari-led government have done so much marginalisation to the people of the South East.

In an interview with Dailysun, the former Anambra State governor applauded the Nnamdi Kanu-led IPOB leadership, the way they are going on the issue of Biafra, adding that sooner than later Biafra will be freed.

He said; I don’t know Nnamdi Kanu very well. But if a person can say my life means nothing to me and he puts everything into whatever thing he is championing, that person should be respected and honoured. I would like them to take cognizance of other views. A person saying  no structuring does not seem to have full understanding of history or the society of Nigeria.

 “Ndi-Igbo are better with restructuring, says Ezeife, while speaking on why he prefer restructuring to Biafra.

“With restructuring we control our affairs. We are able to generate power for ourselves; we are deep with ecological problems. We need to take advantage of the land mass of Nigeria and the advantage of being in one space which is the largest concentration of population in Africa.

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“I am emphasizing the economic aspect because that is where the action is. And then the psychic satisfaction of being in one Nigeria. I believe it is not the British imperialism that created Nigeria. I believe that God used the intervention of Britain to create a country which should become big brother and oil point for all blacks on earth.

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“A country which will eventually develop into a super power and raise the dignity and respect of blacks and the African people and ultimately wipe away the shame of slavery from the faces of all blacks. That is Nigeria’s manifest destiny or God’s purpose in creating Nigeria. And we cannot achieve it without being big.

“Look at Sweden, Norway and all those small countries where the income per head is very big but they are not proper. With Nigeria, because of our population we become a super power easily.

Shedding more light on the Benefit of Restructuring:

Ezeife said; restructuring is going back to what we know; what was agreed- a federal system of government with regions. And what has happened? We had four regions – the North, the East, the West and the Midwest. Three regions in the South, one in the North. As we started the civil war, the military worked out a strategy for winning the war and created as  a result 12 states. The northern military leaders also created even more states. Now, we have 36 states.

And how did they create them? Today, we have 19 states in the north, 17 in the south. And sometimes Abuja is treated as if it were a state making it 20 states in the north. Even the number of states, is also important.  South-east has five states, North-west has seven. Then, you come down to the number of local governments. Where are the 774 local governments?

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They are mostly in the North. Look at Lagos State with a very massive population with only 20 local governments while Kano has 64 local governments. That is the issue. Bayelsa has only eight local government states and that is where oil is. Funding is from the center go to the local governments. Since they have dominance of states, dominance of local governments and if they agree to restructuring and say Ndigbo stay in your place, Yoruba stay in your place and we adopt fiscal federalism they think they will lose.

Income, revenue that is the myopic reason some of the northern people are talking against restructuring. It is known to most people including Sanusi the Emir of Kano that the North loses most with the breakup of Nigeria. What is the literacy level in the North? And when did education become second to anything in development? So, even right now, what can they boast of? Tomato is alright. Yes. We are not seeing the groundnut pyramids again. But it is not what they are using to build the North.

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There is nothing the North is contributing to the national revenue today. But they are taking more than those who are contributing. They have nothing. But they are not contributing to Nigeria because food is not enough. That is why I am a Nigerian because I can see the potentials of things being much better with better organization, better structuring, and justice being allowed to prevail.

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Meanwhile, the former Anambra governor justified the agitation for Biafra championed by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

He said; Those who want Biafra now, now are right. But the best thing that has happened is IPOB and the way it is going about Biafra. IPOB mission involves referendum. We will just vote like the people in Canada, Yugoslavia, Britain, and Scottish even northern Cameroun. Even southern Cameroun people are now saying they are Biafra now. So  for me, I do not quarrel with anybody who is saying Biafra now, now, now. After delaying we will still get it.

But I know that if we get restructuring it will be superior to Biafra, now, now. I am not complaining because of the war experience. During the Biafra- Nigeria war we committed all kinds of  ‘Ibenne’ abuse but at the end of the war people just  picked up their briefcases and walked away and would not come back unless if they make enough money to come and bamboozle the people at home to show them that they have arrived with money.

With IPOB, there is no need for cleavages, no need for divisions. Since there will be an opportunity of saying your own views. But people must remember that some of us have roots outside. I don’t have any. This is my compound.  Finished.


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