VIDEO: Biafrans protests “No Biafra, No Election” In Anambra State

Biafra Proteste In Anambra State May 7th 2017

Biafra protest yesterday, May 7th, 2017 rocked Nkpor in Anambra State – as the State government had set up May 8th and 9th as a public holiday, for every citizen of Anambra to get their voter’s card – following the 2018 governorship election coming up in the state.

Irked by the planned holiday and while they should observe it, pro-Biafrans in the state marched the street of Anambra to protest their disagreement in the oncoming election, as the protesters were chanting “no Biafra no election”.

Recall that the pro-Biafrans had earlier told every state in the east that there will be no Election in the region, stating that what they want is Biafra, adding that they are no longer Nigeria, neither they are Biafrans.

The video below proves they meant their statement, when they said they are longer interested in Nigeria political affairs – but will the Eastern state government agree to their demands?

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Meanwhile, same protest erupted in Abia State last year when the state conducted its Local Government and Chairmanship elections, pro-Biafrans in Ariaria International market protested against the election, agitating that “no Biafra, no election”

Watch the video below:



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