The colours on Biafran Flag and their meanings

Biafran flag

By Igbo Amaka

The Biafran flag is based on the red, black, and green Pan-African flag designed by the UNIA, a black liberation movement led by the great freedom fighter – Marcus Garvey.

The Black liberation flag was formally adopted on August 13, 1920 in Article 39 of the Declaration of the Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World.

Red is the colour of the blood which men must shed for their redemption & liberty; Black is the colour of the noble & distinguished race to which we belong; Green is the colour of the luxuriant vegetation of our Motherland, and the #HalfaYellowSun, which rises in the East (Biafra) will be a shinning light in Black #Africa.

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This quote by General C. Odumegwu Ojukwu sums it up; “We will fight with all our might, until black people everywhere can point to this Republic (Biafra) with pride. Standing dignified & defiant, an example of African nationalism, triumphant over its many & age-old enemies.”

Biko, don’t let the Nigerian media confuse you by telling you that #Biafra is about war.

Boko Haram is the group currently at war with Nigeria. And, in the past, it was Nigeria, supported by imperialist American, British & Soviet governments, that waged a genocidal war on Biafra.

To all those who believe in Black liberation & self determination; Biafra is a black African attempt to decolonise Africa by telling European imperialists & their neo-colonial puppets in Nigeria; Hausa-Fulani oligarchs, Igbo political elites & the Yoruba media, that they have NO right to impose any artificial nationality upon us or deny us our right to self determination when such artificial nationality becomes an impediment to our pursuit of happiness.

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Biafra is a rejection of slavery & second class citizenship. It is the audacity of hope & the manifestation of “Ikenga”; the ancient #Igbo cult of the right hand, rooted in the believe that with our own hands, we can shape our destiny!

That is why we dare to fight when others tolerate enslavement, that is why we dare to invent the future; a better future for all our people regardless of gender, religion, clan or dialect.

And, our ancestors & Chukwu Okike are with us! May God bless the Dead (1900 – 2017)


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