Reviving Azumini’s Potential As An Economic Hub


The ancient town of Azumini lies on the east bank of the iconioc Azumini blue river in Ukwa east local government area of Abia State in south east nigeria.It is on the eastern periphery of the state close to the boundary between Abia State and Akwa Ibom state respectively.

It’s once vibrant ancient seaport was used to transport slaves to the new world during the obnoxious slave trade era. After the abolition of the infamous slave trade, palm oil and allied products became it’s dominant export.

However,it sank into relative oblivion as the colonial government circumvented it when building a rail way line to evacuate the coal deposites in Enugu capital of the defunct eastern Nigeria for export. Instead Portharcourt in Rivers State on the bonny river was chosen to host a new seaport. This ancient seaport nay azumini should be resuscitated and revitalised.

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A modern seaport and an export processing zone[EPZ]should be constructed in azumini to perpetuate it’s legacy as an economic hub. The rail way line from Aba, Abia states commercial and industrial epicentre which is about 15 miles away should be extended to the seaport.

With these projects serving as a catalyst, azumini has the potential to supercede Aba as the dominant economic hub of Abia state by virtue of its unique and favourable location. Similar ancient enclaves like Calabar[Cross River State]Benin city[Edo State] and Asaba[Delta State]are notable examples
Besides, a rejuvinated azumini would save lives and properties of people of south east descent by serving as a closer, safer and better place of abode

Article written by Udenihc Urugu – He wrote from Nigeria via



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