[OPINION] Those Who Say Igbos Has Not Been Marginalized In Nigeria Are Fools

Those Who Say Igbos Has Not Been Marginilized In Nigeria Are Fools

By Onyema Courage

Just after the Nigeria-Biafra war ended in 1970, Nigeria continued to marginalize Igbos by devaluing the Biafran Pound and offering at most 20 Nigerian pounds to Igbos. This of course is the reason why Igbos are highly industrious and majorly traders. They tried to survive by hawking, trading, Child trafficking etc.

This made Igbos lesser than Northern and wrstern Nigerians in finance, political power and influence. Despite these early challenges, Igbos survived and waxed strong financially but yet not leading the Nigerian Production Industry due to monopoly practiced in favour of a northern Nigerian(Dangote).

Igbos however are leading all other sectors like Entertainment, Sports, etc. Igbos have been marginalized religiously, politically, economically and thus treated like they are out cast. Even while under  Nigeria, Igbos has been made to live outside the interest of Nigerian government.

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These are the ways Igbos have been marginalized in Nigeria:


Nigeria is a country with three major political units; Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo. Nigeria has experienced the leadership of  14 men, and Igbos has not produced up to 5% of such leaders.  Aside Nnamdi Azikiwe and Aguyi Ironsi (that never ruled up to a year) Igbos are yet to have a taste of leadership. Anyone saying Igbos have not been marginalized should as well tell me why we are yet to produce a democratic president and why South-East was left out in the rail way project by the FG.


If education in south East is $20 then it will cost only $1 in Northern Nigeria. Igbos cry out blood while paying expensive school fees and scoring high grades in UTME to be able to gain admission into a tertiary Institution unlike their northern counterparts.  Northern Nigerians are begged to school. Their school fees are extremely too cheap compared to that of Igbos and they don’t really need above 180/400 to be offered admission as it is for Igbos. Northern Nigerians have better school structures than Biafran schools. Out of the Best university lists in Nigeria, no university in Igbo land made it to the first best 10 universities.

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No single federal road in South East is accessible. Yet the federal government has not included South East in their plan on a railway project.

4). FG Appointments

Easterners in the FG council is far below 10% of the total ministries in the country.

Those who say Igbos have not been marginalized are fools and inhuman. Igbos cry for Biafra is and will still remain active until these errors are corrected…


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