Observance Of Biafra Day sit-at-home order proves Igbos are One & United

Biafra Day

By Igbo Amaka

To the Educated & Middle Class Igbos:

Yesterday’s “Sit-at-Home” was observed in all #Igbo States; it dispels the stereotypical notion that we are not united & that we are only driven by Money.

However, the lack of practical links between our educated & privileged relatives especially those born & raised outside Igboland, may lead to a tragic crisis.

Their response to this evidently popular mobilisation of their people against the status quo, is cowardice!
From a distance, without any attempt to engage or offer credible alternatives, they hurl insults & shout ‘One Nigeria’.

Are they so wrapped up in their pretentious world, that they can’t see that ‘One Nigeria’ as it has operated since 1966, represents the status quo which our people has rejected (since 1967)?

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Although Biafran agitation is peaceful, our anti-Biafran Igbo relatives insist on mentioning war. So, Let’s talk of war, war is a violent experience and millions of our people experience violence on daily basis; violence in this context emanates from the chaos of poverty; heartbreaking child mortality rate, painful death on dilapidated roads & hospitals without equipments, insecurity, Neo-Colonial political elites & marginalisation & anti-Igbo massacres, which are all as traumatic as any war.

Yet, you insist on the sterile & stagnant status quo? Maintaining the status quo will lead to further discontentment and a tragic crisis.

This is also the tragedy of Western Neoliberals’, rather than deal with the legitimate grievances of the disenfranchised, they insist on maintaining the status quo, and then act surprised when the electorates vote for anything other than the status quo.

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Other disenfranchised people in Nigeria feel the same way, but are restrained by more conservative cultures, while the unrestrained Igbos dare to invent the future!

Biko nu, engage & offer credible alternatives to your kith & kin, instead of being dismissive.

As General Ojukwu said; “we are a people who choose to hunger a little to remain alive instead of feeding fat to become respectable corpses.”


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