MINEC 2017: A Gathering Of Local and International SMEs

MINEC 2017: A Gathering Of Local and International SMEs

MINEC, which stands for ‘Made In Nigeria Entrepreneurship Conference’. Is not a made in Nigeria exhibition of goods, it is a platform for empowering the entrepreneurs who make goods in Nigeria to be able to compete on the global platform.

The first edition was held last year, second edition is set to kick-off soon, first stop will be at Lagos, on 22nd June 2017.

Also note that the Made-In-Nigeria conference 2017 is an international gathering of both local and international SMEs coming together to consider the impact of Capacity Building for these local industrialists who create products and services.

Made In Nigeria goods and products will be showcased, ideas, innovations and opportunities that abound in the non-oil sector will be explored.

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Value-Chain processes will be discussed at the conference.

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Exhibitors, Manufacturers, Farmers, Agro-businessmen and women, Traders, Fashion Designers, Leatherworks dealers, fabricators, Creative Directors, Trainers, Start-up Owners, will have opportunity to ask questions on their businesses.

The conference will focus on collaborations necessary for these SMEs to offer what they can’t on their own. Relevant government agencies will be on board to speak on mandates in promoting MIN.


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