Igbo’s fight for Biafra is understandable – Balarabe Musa

Igbo's fight for Biafra is understandable – Balarabe Musa

A second republic governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, has expressed his thoughts on why the Igbo’s has been seeking for an independent state.

Musa admitted that Igbos are yet to have a fair share in Nigeria since the end of the civil war.

In his  words, he stood against the obvious marginalization of the Igbos and with the opinion that a policy of reconstruction and reconciliation should be put in place to arrest the justified agitation of the Igbos.

He was quoted to say, “It is the marginalization that is making a small section of the Igbo to agitate for Biafra. If the reconstruction and reconciliation had been sustained, there wouldn’t have been any need for Biafra because the number of those Igbo asking for Biafra is not more than 10 percent.

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“The majority of the Igbo crave for a better Nigeria particularly because of their experience and they are prepared to fight for the unity of Nigeria.

“Majority of Igbo leaders have said in clear terms that they want a better Nigeria where they can expand because they are enterprising in nature.

“As you are aware, people who are enterprising would prefer a big community as against a small one.

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“Some of them desire a better Nigeria because they don’t want the previous experience of war to repeat itself. But the agitation for Biafra is a ticking time-bomb just as the level of poverty in Nigeria.

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“Like I said earlier, the system of development in Nigeria tend to divide the people. There were times in history when the Igbo were targeted and isolated because they were enterprising and because of the system that operates in Nigeria.

“And probably the system could marginalize everybody until there is a brutal revolution.”


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