Exposing, Imposing Curved Time [Gravity Wave/Particles Continuum] Dual Subdimensions

Exposing, Imposing Curved Time

By Udenihc Urugu

What is curved time?. Curved time is a subset of curved space[electromagnetic;waves/particles continuum]. ie is embedded within curved space. 

The relationship between curved time and curved space or curved light can be expressed as 1/c not equaled to c/1 where 1/c and c/1 are curved time and curved space respectively.

The absolute, relative continuum of the speed of curved light is approximately 300,000km. Thus, the absolutely, relatively continuum of the speed of gravity;waves/particles[curved time]is approximately 1/ckm or 3x/10[raised to power -+11mm]which is the value of one second[present].

During the day, the universe levitates downward[backward] in both space and time[present, past continuum]. The absolute,relative continuum distance of the sun during the day from the earth is approximately 90,000,000km[curved space] or the single square of the absolute, relative continuum speed of light on the earth’s surface.,

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Thus curved time[past] is approximately 1/90,000,000km or9x/10[raised to power -+13mm]. At night, the universe levitates upward[forward]or curved present, future continuum.

The nearest extratterestial object close to the earth at night is the moon whose absolute, relative distance continuum is approximately 300,000km.[curved present, future continuum space].

Thus 1/300,000km[curved future time] is  approximately +-3cmThus the dual subdimensions of curved time are 9x/10[raised to power -+13mmm,3x/10[raised to power-+11mm[pat,present continuum]and 3×10[raised to power -+11mm,+-3cm[present,future continuum].

Udenihc wrote from Nigeria via igbojewishgeniuscontinuum@yahoo.com



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