Dear Ogah, Stop Addressing Me As “His Excellency” – Ikpeazu replies Uche Ogah

Abia State

The Abia State governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu has responded to a congratulatory message sent to him by his then rival Dr. Uche Sampson Ogah.

Recall that the Supreme Court had on May 12th ruled in favour of Ikpeazu, thereby affirmed him as the Abia State governor contrary to Ogah’s suit of Ikpeazu submitting a tax forgery certificate to the INEC during the 2014 governorship primary election in Abia.

Ogah accepted defeat after the apex court ruled against him, he congratulated Ikpeazu, but the congratulatory message seems not to go down with Ikpeazu as he responded to Ogah for addressing him as “His Excellency”.

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Ikpeazu in a response to Uche Ogah’s message reminded him that the title; (His Excellency), is not applicable as when addressing him, adding that he removed it during his inauguration speech in 2015.

Part of the message reads; I write to personally acknowledge the message of congratulations sent to us by your goodself following the final judicial imprimatur given to my mandate by the Supreme Court of Nigeria on Friday, May 12, 2017 as the lawfully nominated and duly elected Governor of Abia State.

First, I wish to draw your attention to the fact that in my administration, the title HIS EXCELLENCY, as used in your letter is not applicable. This is a policy statement that has been in place since my inauguration, please.

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Contrary to that, the Chairman Stercoll group of company worldwide, Chief Emeka Charles Kalu has lampoon how the Nigeria’s elected officials are abusing the title of “His Excellency”.

In an interview with AbaCityBlog, he pointed out that most of the elected officials, especially the governors are not living up to the accolade.

He said; According to Oxford dictionary, Excellence means being outstanding or extremely good.
This word in my view has been abnormally used ” abused” so to say in our society.

In this part of the world, the title is used to address highly placed state officials like state governors etc.

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However these highly placed officials in our country have in every way and by every act shown that they do not deserve such accolade.

Unlike the dictionary definition, there is no measure of excellence whatsoever in the conduct of the so called state officials.

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With most of the elected state officials believing that political office is a gateway to wealth, service to the people has not only taken the back seat but has become extinct in the minds of these people.

Statistics from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) showed as at September 28th, 2006 that 15 out of 31 State governors were already going to be charged to court, while investigations continued for the remaining 16. And since then many more have either been convicted or still facing various charges and allegations. 

So where lies the excellence?

Currently most of the so called “Excellencies” are owing salaries, pensions, lack focus and the required foresight to move their states forward.

Time has come for elected state officials to live up to that accolade” Excellency”.
It is expected that service to the people should be delivered excellently.

Programs must be well articulated and executed properly and promptly.
Political patronage and personal aggrandizement should not be the basis of formulating programs and projects.

Developmental gains must take the front seat when initiating programs and policies.


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