Abia Today(11th Edition): Ikpeazu’s Thank You Visit, A Waste Of Finance

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Below is the 11th edition of ‘Abia Today’ by Mr Onyema Courage.

11th edition titled:  Ikpeazu’s Thank You Visit, A Waste Of Finance – by Onyema Courage

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Barely few weeks after the apex court has upheld Gov. Ikpeazu’s victory over Uche Ogah and F.N Nwosu’s suit, the governor has reportedly  embarked on a thank you visit across the 17 Local Government Areas in the State.

The visits kick started in Umuahia North and South LGAs and has been extended across other LGAs in the state. Each visit is hosted by the LGA council and attended by all Gov. Ikpeazu’s supporting groups and clubs. The visit in an eagles eye depicts a political move in campaign for a second tenure.

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This indeed is not the story as the Federal Constitution has already permitted a seating governor to focus less on the affairs of the state and more on ensuring he acquires a second tenure.

But does the constitution permit a seating governor to run his personal political affairs with the state’s finance?

This is the  BIG STORY.

Reports has it that the 17 LGA councils in a bid to ensure the governor has his way come 2019 hosts these events with the councils finance (of which they will be financially appreciated by the state), and the governor issue envelopes to his fan clubs and groups in appreciation over their support.

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Nothing less than 500,000 naira goes to the event and at least a million naira to the supporters not mentioning what the LGA councils will gain from this event. If these reports are true, then probably the states looses a minimum of 2 million naira to a council and nothing less than 34 million naira to the 17 LGAs.

 Imagine a state loosing nothing less than 34 million naira within the space of two weeks.

This indeed is a waste of finance.

This wasted 34 million naira or more can see to any of these; the salaries of workers being owed, the Abia State Students’ Bursary, and other pressing needs.

Though am a supporter of the peoples choice, I am also not a fanatic.

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A reasonable critique is not bad in ensuring the governor keeps his eyes on the goal.
The governor need to focus more on the affairs of the state and less on the 2019 tussle.

I belief he has been on the right path uptil now, he should not deviate from that.

Of what use is the Thank You Visit to the State?
Won’t the Finance pumped into these visits serves best in the affairs of the state?

These are the BIG QUESTIONS for the weekend.

What are your views??
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