Abia Today: Nnamdi Kanu’s Abia State And Biafra’s Quest

Abia Today 4th Edition

Below is the 4th edition of ‘Abia Today’ by Mr Onyema Courage.

4th edition titled: Nnamdi Kanu’s Abia State And The Biafra’s Quest

By Onyema Courage

Read below and drop your comments:

Few years back, the biafrans quest for an independent state caught fire from another dimension as Nnamdi KANU founded the Radio Biafra in London and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Just when everyone thought Biafra was dead, just when no everyone lost faith in Biafra. But that’s not the story. 

Not when the Buhari led  Nigerian Government took it upon theirselves to deny him his free will to live. Tried him for years with numerous count charges. That’s not still the story. 

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A few days back, the South eastern and south southern region of the country was horribly slapped when Mr. Ayodele Fayose, publicly declared his support for Nnamdi KANU and Biafra ahead of any political leader from the region.

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KANU was detained by the Nigerian government for 18 months  and yet no political leader, governor, senator, commisioner, federal or state house member showed concern for his activism not even from his State, Abia.

Just when no one expected it, the Abia State honourable commissioner for education Prof. Ikechi Mgbeoji reacted “And so I come to Nnamdi Kanu, a blowhard transformed into a hero in these parts! Wonderful.

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I have always held the view that the arrest and continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu is unnecessary, heavy-handed, and a tragic mistake. There is nothing Nnamdi Kanu has said which others haven’t said in several fora. Locking him up adds unwanted tension in a country already on the edge of the precipice.

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Inasmuch as I disagree with Nnamdi Kanu’s proposition for an exit of Biafra from Nigeria, I defend his right to say his mind. Like every Nigerian, Nnamdi Kanu has a right to say wise or even foolish things. Personally, I think that the argument for the exit of Biafra from Nigeria is intellectually misconceived, practically foolish, and economically suicidal for the Igbos.

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I must however doff my hat for Nnamdi Kanu’s loyalty to his loyalists and co-travelers in detention. To reject his bail conditions on the ground that the same conditions were not extended to his co-accused and allies is charming and worthy of commendation. He has refused to sell his followers down the river. More power to him. Loyalty is a virtue.”

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But is this what IPOB members expected to hear? He appreciated the braveness and loyalty of Nnamdi Kanu, yet refused supporting the Biafra’s dream of an Independent State.

Why has no political leader from Abia State publicly declare support for Biafra and their son/brother Nnamdi Kanu apart from Senator Enyi Ababribe who signed a surety for his bail out?

Does it mean that none of the politic gods in Abia State supports the secession of Biafra?

Can Biafra be actualized without the support of these great politicians across the Biafran States?

What’s your take on this?


  1. Have you ever ask yourself why is it that it's only the so-called political elites in Biafra land that has consistently refused to openly accept, support and advocate for Biafra agitation. The answer is very simple, it's precisely because they are parts of the few that Nigeria political arrangements favored while overwhelming majority of our people in South East and South South are marginalized, trapped in poverty and called minority in their own country of origin. I don't expect them (So- Called, Political Elites) to accept or advocate for Biafra agitation because they knew that they cannot eat their cake and have it, neither will they have their bread butter on both sides. So the answer is quite clear.


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