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Special adviser to the Abia State governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu on e-media, Mr. Tony Onyenweaku has revealed those sabotaging the government effort on making the Isi gate Umuahia as one of central flash points in the state capital.

Mr. Onyenweaku was reacting following how the Isi Gate has turned into a trade zone, a place which supposed to be the central point that welcomes people to the city.

In a post he published on his social media page entitled: The Dilemma Of Isi Gate And The Saboteurs. He called on the The office of the security adviser to the governor, which is headed by Capt Awa to do the needful, since he is the one who has the authority over Isi Gate.

He said; In every city, there is always that central point that welcomes people to the city, such points are almost always taken care of by the government as it announces their presence, negatively or positively. More attention is given to such centres when they are located at the state capital of any state.

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The Isi gate Umuahia is one of such central flash points. The issue of isi gate Umuahia is one that has provoked many questions like, does successive government’s in Abia and even the present government think it deserves any aesthetic attention, why can’t the government successfully clear it of any form of trading?

Starting from the former government of Chief T.A Orji Ochendo, the menace in and of Isi gate Umuahia necessitated the relocation of the Umuahia central market to Ubani because it was centrally located at the centre of the city, since after that relocation, the government has been fighting to ensure that the place is free of any form of trade, but all to no avail.

The ochendo government could not complete that process before the end of that administration. The Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu’s government has also left no one in doubt that he desires to put that Isi gate to its best use.

With the constant positioning of security officers at several points of isi gate, one would have expected that the place should have been completely deserted by now, but lo and behold, the more security personnel we see there, the more traders we see. The big question is why? It’s unfortunate that the security is compromised.

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This question led me to Isi gate to find out the true situation of things, I was surprised to find out that the very office that had the responsibility of clearing isi gate, is the one sabotaging government’s efforts in clearing it.

The office of the security adviser to the governor which is headed by Capt Awa has the mandate to clear Isi gate but the information I gathered was that while capt Awa is seriously trying to live up to his boss expectations of clearing isi gate, his Personal assistant (P.A) Mr Emeka Okwum is bent on sabotaging every of his efforts and that of the state.

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Mr Emeka has his team led by a tout named Ikenna who go about collecting money from these traders on daily basis, I was reliably informed that they collect thousands of Naira everyday. The payment ranges from N300 and up to N1000 and its on daily basis.

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I also gathered that when one Mr Emeka from Umuahia north LGA tried to intervene in there business, Ikenna and his team beat up this Emeka that he is presently lying critically injured at federal medical centre Umuahia without anyone attending to him.

The people said that Emeka Okwum has made it difficult if not impossible for capt AWA to arrest Ikenna, this is because Emeka has turned to an informant for his colleagues.

I wish to use this opportunity to call on Capt AWA not to allow his workers drag his highly revered name in the murky waters and thereby bringing shame and disrepute to this government.

The issue of isi gate should be tackled with every sense of sincerity as that place is meant to be the central welcoming points to all visitors of our dear state capital. Aesthetically, it will soon be a tourist centre.

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