Aba: Businessman narrates how TIMASS Illegally Impounded his 4 Trucks

Aba Abia State

A report indicting the Abia State Traffic and Indiscipline Management Agency, TMASS, of illegally impounding a businessman’s truck has been brought to public.

Chief Emeka Diwe, an Aba based businessman has revealed that TMAAS officials had on January 18, 2017, stormed his company and impounded his trucks while goods were being offloaded without informing him of the offence committed.

The businessman lamented that since date, no official of the agency had written to his company stating the actual reasons the four trucks were impounded and where they are being held and urged the security agencies to investigate the activities of TMAAS in Aba.

Diwe explained that over 20 trucks were parked along Eziukwu road, but TMAAS only impounded trucks belonging to his company.

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“On January 15th, TMAAS official stormed my company and impounded three trucks while goods were being offloaded. There were other trucks parked in the area, but those belonging to UNIK D Limited were singled out and impounded. They didn’t state the reasons why the trucks were impounded neither did they leave any notice on where the trucks can be located.

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“This is three months now, yet no official of the agency has cared to explain why my trucks are still being held. Each of these trucks goes for N150, 000 per day, you can see the loss the company is suffering .This is a company that have over 45 persons in its employ, it is worrisome that government which is supposed to encourage businessmen is trying to make thing difficult for us. This is an attempt to run me out of business for reasons only TMAAS can explain.

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“How can a responsible traffic agency operate in this manner? They initially impounded 3 of my company trucks, and few days later, impounded another truck which broke down around Abia Polytechnic, while conveying goods out of Aba. Im worried that the broken down truck was impounded while it was being repaired. They refused to listen to our explanation that the truck will be fixed within an hour. Is TMAAS above the law? By the way they operate; I think TMAAS is above the law.

“There was no regard for due process to even inform the company if any offence was committed. They keep boasting about their connections in high places, that nothing will happen even if they sell the trucks. The security agencies should investigate the activities of TMAAS and how they are molesting innocent people.

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Contacted, TMAAS General Manager, Mr. Bright Chinedu Ikokwu, said the impounded trucks contravened Abia State road traffic law number 2 of 2010, section 17, which empowers the traffic management agency to impounded trucks obstructing traffic.

Source: Abia Fact


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