Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Inspire Their Team

Being an entrepreneur you can’t neglect your personality. Have you ever analysed the impressive personality of successful entrepreneurs? Be it Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Ratan Tata, Ambani brothers, Indra Nooyi, Chanda Kochar, Azim Premji, or any other renowned businessperson anywhere around the world, each of them has some unique and impressive personality traits that are rarely found in common people.

And by personality, we don’t just mean having good looks and wearing expensive clothes, personality consists of the overall persona of a person including his/ her communication skills, body postures and language, dress sense, mindset, behaviour, mannerisms and etiquettes, listening skills, and other personality traits.

These qualities can help you present yourself very well and impress your team members and clients.

If your family has history includes generations of entrepreneurs, you might be aware of these traits to some extent, however, if you’re the first person in your family who is pursuing entrepreneurship, it’s never too late to learn how you can develop your personality.

Here are seven tips that can help you develop a strong personality like other successful entrepreneurs.

Be an Inspiring Entrepreneur with These 7 Tips

Here are some tips to create an aura and inspire your team with your strong personality:

1. Have a Confidence and Optimistic Approach

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Confidence and a positive approach are interrelated personality traits. If you handle difficult situations with a positive approach, your confidence will grow, and if you are a confident person, you are bound to have a positive approach towards life.

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Always believe in yourself, as self-confidence will help you achieve difficult tasks easily. Every entrepreneur faces a lot of troubles; however, your approach towards those troubles will distinguish you from others.

2. Be a Good Listener

An entrepreneur is not just good at speaking, but also at listening. If you listen with intent, you will gain a better understanding of what you listen to. It not just improves your learning, but also makes the speaker feel like he/ she is important to you. By doing this, you will gain more value in the eyes of the speaker.

3. Maintain a Positive Body Language

Body language includes eye contact, body posture, and a hand shake. You can showcase your personality and impress others through your body language. Look into the eyes of the people when conversing with them. It shows you’re interested.

You can find extensive research pieces on body language dos and don’ts online. Some of the basic rules are – your handshake should be firm, walk with straight shoulders and back, don’t put your hands in your pockets when communicating, sit with your back straight, maintain eye contact, don’t be robotic in moves, avoid shaking legs, don’t play with your pen, etc.

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4. Your Dress Sense Matters Too

The way you carry yourself speaks a lot about your personality. Do you know that each colour has its own significance? That’s why entrepreneurs take care of what there wear and when. Every occasion has a different dress code. Dressing up well helps you create the first impression on your clients and staff and boosts your self-confidence.

Maintain a decent professional look by wearing formals or semi formals to your work, and avoid striking colours and bold prints. Make sure your apparel is neatly ironed. Do you wear sports shoes with a formal dress to your workplace very often? If yes, people around you at work might not take you seriously. Moreover, as a business owner, you should lead by example. Do not present yourself in a way that you wouldn’t like to see others at the workplace.

5. Keep a Watch on Your Mannerism and Etiquettes

It’s great if you look good, and know how to maintain a positive body language. However, your manners and etiquettes play a major role in determining whether you really have a strong personality or just faking it.

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The way you behave with your staff and clients discloses a lot about your overall personality. Be respectful, polite, and cooperative to your teammates, clients, and colleagues. Never in your life, misbehave with a lady!

6. Be Social and Indulge in Conversations

It’s important as an entrepreneur to socialise with your colleagues and teammates on a regular basis. It will help you create a positive environment where you and your staff can work comfortably. Don’t be an expressionless and workaholic individual all the time. Have fun at work with your team sometimes; go on team lunches or trips.

When your team is in a conversation, involve yourself too, and give your opinions on the matter of discussion. It will help in knowledge sharing and knowing each other better.

7. Be Encouraging and Motivating

Be a little encouraging! Appreciate your employees for their efforts. The constant encouragement and motivation act as a positive catalyst in achieving a goal and will make you a better team player. Everybody looks for an encouraging leader and not a grumpy complaining boss.

These were some tips to build a strong personality to make a long-lasting impact on your colleagues, employees, and clients.

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