Opinion: Where did Okezie Ikpeazu go wrong – by Uba Chiemezuo Anyawu

Dr Okezie Ikpeazu

By Uba Chiemezuo Anyawu

The governor seems to have had many oppositions online and offline.  Though his supporters greatly outnumbers his opposition, the reason for opposition still baffles me. It is true not everyone supports good as well as not everyone experiences good, but even the devil knows that God is good.

We tend to despise the seating government all because of our selfish interests. If he’s not from your tribe, does that make him evil?

REMEMBER, the Abia state he met 2 years ago, is not the Abia of today. There are tangible changes to which we could  see, touch and feel.

If you’re honest enough, you will applaud him for his efforts.

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Just before you criticize him today, remember he is never responsible for the ABIA STATE he met. He isn’t responsible for ABIA STATE not having a fly over that he’s trying to fix now or for ABIA STATE having bad road networks of which we can attest to the roads that came with his government.

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Just because he’s not the one you campaigned or voted for doesn’t make him evil. After all we had various choices, we voted for personal reasons. What would have come out from the governments of those we voted, we can’t categorically say for sure.

So why not accept the ‘devil’ you have that’s doings Gods work in our dear state. Than stick to fanatics to the angel we don’t know.

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Okezie Ikpeazu might not be the best governor in the country, but he’s probably the best in the state. He might be owing workers a 2 months salary, but that’s the least you can get as Kogi State is owing 14 months, Osun (12) , Ogun (6) , Kwara (11), Ondo (7), IMO (2) , Ekiti (6) and Bayelsa (7). ( © Source Naij).

Am not supporting this, but am trying to make you understand and know that it’s not really as easy as it seems. The governor is indeed trying his best to better the state. If only we can support him in prayers and shy away from saying ill about the State and his government, he won’t stop until he’s sure we all can hit our chest and be boldly proud of what Abia State have become.

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Rome wasn’t built in a day. So let’s keep calm and follow his daily moves as Abia State becomes the State of our dreams.

Uba Chiemezuo Anyawu (Founder Center Point Agenda).
Op-Ed: Content and contributions are solely the opinion of the author, and does not represent Abacityblog opinion policy.


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