…Now Kidnapping Business have gradually returns In Aba


Anybody who experienced what happened in Aba in 2006 and 2010 will never want such incidence to take place again in the history of the beautiful city of Enyimba.

Then, business owners, traders, rich and wealthy individuals vacated the city of Aba, turning the city into a ghost town

Presently, the residents of Aba, the commercial hub of Abia State have started living in fear as what happened in 2010 have gradually come back to the city.

Kidnapping business is gradually becoming the order of the day in Aba. Residents, especially the wealthy ones and business owners have started living in uncertainty of you never can tell who would be the victim tomorrow.

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Not a day has gone by in each street, or corner of Aba, you won’t hear a gunshot – run a check, you would find out it is fired by the kidnappers.

Yesterday, a businessman was kidnapped in a street, the hoodlums shoot sporadically in the air, the gunshot which made the residents took to their heels in fear of flying bullets.

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Months ago, three Bakassi (Vigilante) men were gruesomely murdered by the kidnappers whom it was gathered that the vigilante men disrupted their operation, while there were trying to abduct a man at Along Enugu to Port Harcourt road, by Tonimas Junction.

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Following the disruption, the hoodlums traced the vigilante men down to Aba Owerri road where they open fire on them, killed two instantly while the other was rushed down to hospital where he gave up to ghost.

In Aba, we have a security issue which supposed to be one of the top priorities of the present government of Dr Okezie Ikpeazu but media isn’t talking about it.

We can’t continue to live in fear  – we has to say it out – kidnapping business have gradually come back in Aba.


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