Message to every Jambites – from Orji Florence Unique


Miss Unique is at it again, with her type of encouraging messages, especially to the youth. This time she has a very unique message to all the Jambites. 

Note: (In Nigeria, Jambites can be defined as people waiting to gain admission into universities or polytechnics) 

Miss Unique‘s message is very important if you are a Jambites, as she uses herself as an example, while dishing out the advice for the Jambites.

Read her full message below:

Let us face the truth for a minute, shall we?  Yeah I think we should…  It’s every jambites dream to gain admission to study the course that is after his/her own heart…  You all have the dream of being doctors,  lawyers,  engineers and some other high popular courses… It’s all good…. But have you ever thought of not getting the mark that can place you in that course?

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Hmmmmmm heart breaking right?  But let’s face the fact. What if the school assign another course for you to study? What will you do?  Just have all those questions in mind because half of the students must fall victim of any.

Now hear my message: nothing works for bad all through.. Sometimes nature(fate) knows what we can truly offer… Yes! So many people wanted any of those high popular courses but nature turned it all round for them,  they embraced it,  nurtured it and made the best of it.

Using my self as an example,,,, I was so interested in law,

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My parents wanted me to study law.. And I wrote and sat for exams but I wasn’t given law.. Nature assigned mass communication for me.

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I had to embrace it.

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So never look down on any course nature will assign to you.. You might not feel good at the first stage but at the end, you will be grateful…. Never let go of any course,  never decide to stay at home for ages all in the name of waiting for the high popular  courses.

But all the same, remain positive that your dream course will be given to you..  Study hard.. Be optimistic.

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Good luck from Orji Florence Unique



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