Justice Abang’s clearance, a perception of Justice for Abians

Justice Okon Abang
Justice Okon Abang

By Uche Aguoru

Let  me start this piece by congratulating the first national Vice President of the Nigerian bar association, Barrister Monday Onyekachi Ubani, for his induction into the prestigious African Youth Parliament (AYP) hall of fame, through the bestowment of the Nelson Mandela African Youth Leadership Award on him as the most outstanding person on humanitarian services 2016/17.

Ever since the 27th of June 2016 federal high court judgment of Justice Okon Abang, which sacked Okezie Victor Ikpeazu PhD, from office as the governor of Abia state on the grounds of presentation of false information and lying under oath and ordered the immediate swearing in of Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah as bonafide Governor of the state.

Series of petitions had followed that legally detailed and carefully prepared judgment based on points of law. Justice Abang was courageous enough to damn every attempt of financial inducement, intimidation and harassment of his person aimed at making him compromise his conscience and spirit of the law to favour Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu against an indisputable, glaring and undeniable evidence of obvious  discrepancies with the tax documents that he (Okezie Ikpeazu) presented to his party the PDP, to deceitfully give him clearance to contest for the governorship of the state during 2015 elections held across the country.

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Having failed in their efforts to financially lure Justice Okon Abang into the delivery of a fraudulent judgment in their favour just as we saw in the court of appeal judgment in Abuja that was given in favour of Ikpeazu based on mere technicalities, and not even a mention of the matter that brought the parties to court was made, the judgment delivered by the appeal court justices, lacked every ingredient of an unbiased judicial pronouncement in a matter that has to do with the fate of a people, the appellate court justices also went further down without recourse to point of law or legal precedence to cast aspersions and reign abuses on a fellow judge for discharging his duties effectually, not stopping at that, Henry Balogu, Emeka Eze, and Charles Esonu, all of the Ikpeazu’s camp in PDP Abia State, petitioned the NJC, alleging that Justice Abang abused his official privileges in his decision on Abia on June 27 and demanded investigations into alleged judicial misconduct by justice Abang.

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But with the NJC, the highest judicial regulatory body in Nigeria, which is chaired by the CJN and members selected from justices of the supreme court, the appeal court, the high courts and lawyers with a minimum of ten years and must possess impeccable record of performance in the bar, having taken their time to critically X-Ray, scrutinize, investigate and dissect the judgments as delivered by Justice Okon Abang, they came out with a clean bill of health on all the judgments of Justice Okon Abang, and said and I quote ”that justice Okon abang did no wrong in all his judgments as it concerns Abia and PDP’’ and that Justice Abang acted inline with the dictates of the law and in accordance with our laid down guiding principles and laws, and therefore found no record of misconduct or abuse of judicial powers in the decisions made by Justice Abang regarding the judgment.

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In my little knowledge of the law and its functionalities the NJC has by that pronouncement technically upheld the judgment of 27th of June 2016 as delivered by Justice Okon Abang, and by implication given life to Dr. Ogahs plea at the supreme court that the Apex court should uphold the decision of the lower court and give him the legal mantle of governing Abia state.

It will therefore amount to injustice at its apex if by the 12th of May 2017 the Supreme Court decides to allow the illegality of Dr. Ikpeazu’s candidacy to remain, it will also kill the spirit of justice and political fairplay if eminent Justices of the supreme court should allow Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu to occupy the seat he deceitfully and illegally acquired against the dictates of the law and guiding principles.

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Abians are aware of all the moves being made by Dr. Ikpeazu to suborn the eminent justices of the Supreme Court and subvert justice, just as it is alleged in the case of the appeal court judgment that gave watery judgment in his favour.

As I wish Abians a happy Easter celebration, I want to use this medium to congratulate Abians in advance and assure them that justice must be done as demanded by Abians, and that GOD of justice who sits in heaven and overlooks the affairs of his children, come 12th of May 2017, Abians will see the end of Okezie Ikpeazu’s reign of wickedness, suffering, official looting, cluelessness, ineptitude, crass incompetence, political witch hunt, unintelligent and lack of creative governance, lies and deceitful leadership.

And justice will enthrone human faced government that will clear the backlog of salaries owed Abians and give us meaningful development with an honest and God fearing leader that Abians crave for and deserve in the person of Dr.Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah.

Writes from Umuahia


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