BIAFRA: My Take On Nnamdi Kanu’s Release |- by Sir. Udo Ahaiwe


By Udo Ahaiwe

I have refrained from speaking about issues surrounding Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. Recently one of my friends, Onuoha Emeka, asked me my opinion about Nnamdi Kanu. 

I think that Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB and all other such agitations are all efforts at man’s fruitless search for solutions to a troubled society filled with unfulfilled dreams.

However, I know that no such agitation can bring lasting solution to man’s troubled life because only in God through Jesus Christ will we find peace and the strength to fulfill our dreams. Isaiah says concerning Jesus Christ, ‘Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end’.

But as I think about Kanu’s release many questions appear on the horizon of my mind. Who really benefitted from his release? Is the poor traders in Aba, Onitsha and Port Harcourt who were killed during their agitation for Nnamdi’s Biafra? Is it the Biafra that he so venomously preached that benefitted? The answer is ‘No’.

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As the congratulatory messages and Newspaper headlines, as well as online applaud continue to spread, those who died have died and the politicians have gathered to take the glory.

Who has mentioned the names of those that were killed by bullets? Does anyone know their names let alone mention their heroic death since they died for what they believed? Has their pictures been shared online or has someone sponsored a Newspaper advertorial on their be half? The answer again is ‘No’.

Those who fought with their lives are forgotten but those who slept while the war raged are now celebrated. Let’s put our hands together for them!

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The lives that were lost, the innocent children that fell victim, the young people whose dreams were cut short, the businesses that were vandalized, the women who became widows overnight and the mentalities of a people that have been further degraded are all forgotten. Now the politicians are the hero. Let’s clap again for them!!

Let me set the lesson clear, Kanu is out and alive. He may probably toe Uwazuruike’s line. Politicians have swooped in like vultures (note that many politicians have gone close to Kanu since the judge granted him bail). They will probably list it as part of their achievements in office. But those who died, the families that were ruined, the shops that were burnt down and the lives that were devastated because of the Biafra agitation are all gone forever. Another round of applause!!!

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Here is my message friends, any political movement or agitation whose foundation is not Christ Jesus cannot solve the problems of man and his society and such agitations will certainly crumble and make casualty of many no matter how beautiful or how long it takes. Jesus Christ is the Head of the politics I preach. It is a politics of love, of peace, of togetherness and of possibilities. It is politics of the new beginning. Embrace the new politics of possibilities.

Udo Ahaiwe (Ph.D)



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