Anambra guber election: Group writes emotional letter to Andy Uba

Senator Andy Uba

An Anambra based group known as South Progressive Movement, SPM, has in an open letter jointly signed by its coordinators and published in the Sun Newspapers of Tuesday, April 11, insisted that the senator representing Anambra South, Dr Andy Uba to quickly come to the rescue of Anambra state from what it described as ‘a leadership full of cosmic projects and media hype.’ 

The group threatened of  embarking on a peaceful protest in the state should there be delay in hearkening to their call.

The group said that Senator Uba has proved himself to be the man needed at the moment to regain Anambra lost glory.

According to the group, Anambra State has remained politically irrelevant in the affairs of the nation and because the political party at the helm of affairs is an orphan in the political spectrum, nothing is attracted to the state.

The letter partly reads: ” Your Excellency sir, Again, Anambra  state  looks up to you in this moment of need.
When you visited Awka last July to chair a function, you pledged that you would always be a leader with listening ears,and acknowledged that you cannot put a crown on your head, rather it is the sole right of the people. May it not be written on the pages of history that you refuted the call by Anambra people to put a crown on your head.

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“You  have made service to your senatorial zone and  our state,the  calling of your lifetime. You have demonstrated your willingness to sacrifice so much of yourself  in our most difficult moment in the state, and this is the time you are needed most in the capital city of Anambra to right many wrongs.

“Your Excellency, the governance in our state is in shambles. Cosmetic projects and media hype have taken over infrastructural development. We have been overtaken by other states in leadership , leaving us very far from where we are supposed to be.  Nevertheless, our state still stand the chance of recovering her lost glory if placed in the right hand.

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“Remember how your project to give Awka what it deserves as a state capital was abandoned immediately you left as governor, leaving us with  what can be described as a glorified local government headquarter as capital. We are in dire need of a maverick that you epitomise, to give us outstanding leadership. We need a ‘GOVERNOR’

The group noted that Uba’s credential as a former presidential aide, former governor and two-time senator of the federal republic of Nigeria is not only a proof of having been there, but according to them, it also shows he is eligible to vie for the presidency of this nation.

They went further to state that since charity  begins at home, they need him now to rescue the state

They said: “Whether it was what you attracted to the state as a presidential aide, or the numerous projects to our senatorial zone with no media hype nor bill board, or your silent huge philanthropic gestures, you have always acted in a way that put the needs of your people above your own. “

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Drawing more emphasis,  they said : ” It is in the light of the foregoing that we are urging you to come and be our governor; a firm and idealistic governor who would be willing to step across the aisle to create a safer environment for future generations of Anambrarians.

” We ask that you hear what your people are asking of you rather than state lobbyists working to deny us good leadership.For the sake of making Anambra State great again, we promise to embark on peaceful demonstration if there is any delay in response.” The letter stated.


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