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Here comes the 2nd edition of ‘Abia Today’ as we promised to be dishing it every Tuesday and Friday’s.

First edition titled: ‘Abia State: The Educationally Robbed State’ was published last week Friday, and it has a lot of views as people gladly show love to the content and applauded the host/author – Mr. Onyema Courage to write more.

The Abia Today’s 2nd edition is titled: Abia Is A Rubbish State – by Onyema Courage

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Abia Is A Rubbish State – by Onyema Courage

“How can a state stay without an airport?
How can a state stay with just one federal school?
How can a state stay with no good road network?

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From the 1.5billion dollars united states dollars shoe factory deal, to a car manufacturing company deal. But wait ooo, they have not told us how many billion US dollars that is involved in the car manufacturing deal, or is it trillion dollars this time, hehehehehe!

In Abia state, we have a culture of putting the cart before the horse. Yes, if not tell me why we will be talking about manufacturing cars, when we can not ordinarily fix our roads. Perhaps the MADE IN ABA CARS will come with wings!

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Everything about this Government is in an upside down arrangement. Simply unorganized and lopsided. You are campaigning and promoting made in Aba Shoes, instead of improving on the skills of the artisans, acquiring the requisite machineries for them while focusing and doing aggressive marketing in sub-saharan Africa thereby curbing their dependence on Importation from China, you are bringing in a Chinese company to come into Aba and build their own shoe factory! Abia state is definitely a rubbish state “

These were the things I overheard a friend saying this morning. I pondered on it, and I think he has some good points to back his claim, “Abia state is definitely a rubbish state “
But should we bad mouth our state just because of some shortcomings?
Should a child publicly disgrace his mother all because of some defects?

Can one possibly repudiate his state for not keeping abreast with her neighbouring state.

Hell No!!!

Chauvinism and a level of exposure will prevent me from considering such.
I’ve seen a state revamped in a space of 4 to 8 years.
Rome, they say, wasn’t built in a day.

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Giving up on my state would be unpatriotic,  I’d rather put in all it takes for the advancement of the state.
Past leaders didn’t meet our expectations,   but we’re optimistic that our leaders,  current and future, will exceed expectations, but the power to make that happen lies in our hands.

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Everyone who had emerged a political leader was mandated by the people and ordained by God. So, for me, opposing a government regime, is out of the question. They are there for a purpose  either to cause transformation or to imbibe in us the value of choosing great leaders,  when we have the opportunity.

A government regime may be performing below our expectations. Regardless of how disapproving, disappointing, or angry we may get, our reactions go a long in either marring or making the state.

A government regime can stay in power for a single or double tenure,  and under perform. Even at that, we can’t possibly harm it’s officials.

A governor of the state succeeded in doing nothing for two whole tenure, yet he walks freely amongst us.

I strongly believe that we stand to lose nothing, if we give our encouragement to the incumbent governor; Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, in the things he’s doing to better the state, so he’d do more. I belief two years is not enough to write of this government. Good governance its our right, and thus we seem desperate to have everything as it should be in the State. But Rome they say wasn’t built in a day.

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And just before we start listing the bad experiences we face in Abia State, let’s remember that the present government came to meet them. Let’s also remember his efforts so far towards the state as he thrives to leave a legacy behind after his era. Before we mention the projects uncompleted or yet to begin, let’s not forget to applaud him in the few he has brought to reality

That’s how Rome was built. Let’s be patriotic by not saying ill about our state and offer our full support to the government who has showed signs of having the affairs of the state at heart.
‘Akwa Ekele Onye Akidi ya agwota oso?’

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