Aba Business Owners Cries out over Outrageous bill by EEDC

Aba Abia State

For decades Aba, the commercial city of Abia State has never enjoyed a steady power supply, despite being the heart of SMEs in Nigeria.

The recent outrageous bill from Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) has become one of the reasons why small and medium businesses in the city are shutting down daily.

A report by Abia Fact Newspaper revealed that one Mr. Obinna Uzokwe, who runs a one room nylon making factory located at Umuode, off Aba Port Harcourt Express, Osisioma Aba, Abia State, was billed N50,880 in October 2016, then in November 2016 his bill jumped to N369,558.4, in December of that same year 2016 his billed landed at N592,624.0. This obviously outrages and unbelievable.

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The report further revealed that the outrages bill from EEDC in Aba did not stop at 2016, in January 2017, Mr. Obinna Uzokwe was billed N498,157,6, in February the bill came down to N318,987.24 and in March 2017 it went high to N510,171.48.

It will be recall that Mr. Obinna Uzokwe was paying N50,880 as at October 2016 and since then he has not added any single extra equipment that consumes power, which means his consumption rate remained constant except if they had extra working hours when power is available. So the question now is, why did his electricity bill skyrocket from N50,880 to N592,624.0 in two months?

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Right now, Mr. Obinna Uzokwe’s business is shaking if not closed down because he can’t afford to pay such outrages bills.

AFN gathered that both his machineries and financial capital used in running the business put together cannot pay the EEDC bill, which invariably means the business may shut down.

Irked by the development, Mr. Obinna has written a protest letter as instructed by EEDC and no feed back from the organization for the last one month.

More findings proves that EEDC is taking advantage of Nigerians living and doing various kind of businesses in Aba with massive over billing. While EEDC executives smile to the bank, people living and doing business in Aba are crying.

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Below is the protest paper written by Mr. Obinna Uzokwe

The protest paper written by Mr. Obinna Uzokwe

The outrageous bill by EEDC is really killing small and medium businesses in Aba. Abians must raise up and resist such impunity and broad day light robbery by EEDC.


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