The Quest for Political Relevance – Insult to ‘Azu Ogugu Obingwa’ Traditional Stool

The Quest for Political Relevance - Insult to 'Azu Ogugu Obingwa' - Traditional Stool

By Shirley Ikonne

Is on record that Chieftaincy titles are given to people for their notable achievements in life but it should be noted that every traditional institutions has norms, values, believes and respects for traditional stools. 

In the eastern part of Nigeria, there is a normal routine of a proper chieftaincy installation either by conferment or otherwise. Anything outside the normal installation process tends to be either an insult to the people the stool truly represents or the igbo nation at large.

During the campaigns President Mohammed Buhari visited the East (Abia state) and for his notable achievements he was conferred the chieftaincy title (Ogbu agu 1) by the person of His Imperial Majesty Eze Ikonne (Enyi 1 of Aba). Inspite of his  pedigree he went through the rudiments of the installation process. PMB humbly knelt down showing respect to the people of the land, the traditional stool and the Igbo nation at large which actually shows the authenticity of the chieftaincy conferment.

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Conversely sometimes last week the vice president Professor Yemi Osibanjo visited the east (Abia state), where some political Halleluyah traditional rulers in the quest for political relevance conferred a chieftaincy title to Prof. Yemi O. That turned to be an insult to the traditional stool in Igbo land at large.

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He bluntly refused to go through the rudiments of the installation process thereby refusing to kneel when receiving the title RATHER he received the title while seated as against the norms, values, believes of the Igbo nation. The act of this hungry political halleluya traditional rulers has insulted the traditional institutions of the state.

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In contrast they failed to understand that no Yoruba Man will appear before the king irrespective of ur status that won’t kneel or bow before the king or Oba’s. Notable politicians, businessmen, academic giants even former and present president when ever they visit the Oba’s even during chieftaincy conferment go through the rudiments of chieftaincy in Yoruba land.

I call on the traditional institutions in Abia state, the leaders, elders to call some traditional rulers to order. In order to salvage our dignity and pride in Nigeria.              

Shirley Ikonne writes from Abuja


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