See Before And After UK Vacation Photos Of President Buhari


Nigerians has compiled the photos of President Muhammadu Buhari as he left Abuja on Friday, January 19, for medical holiday in London, and as he returned on Friday, March 10. Some Nigerians assume they will tell the story of his illness extra correctly through the photos.

Photos Of President Buhari
Before and After photos of President Buhari

When the 74 year old retired General became leaving, he turned into looking frail however a chunk more potent. Adorning a darkish brown kaftan, he had a vest which might be interpreted to mean that he changed into cold.

But on his go back, he seemed leaner and tired. Decked in dark kaftan, the index finger of his left hand changed into cautiously extended, suggesting a sample of his blood was lately checked.

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He wore a thicker turtle neck vest that may suggest he was feeling colder than while he left Nigeria (older human beings commonly sense chillier).

The President admitted he had by no means been this sick, and the earlier than and after pictures inform the story better…

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