Reagan to Ikpeazu: ‘Pay Compensation To Owners Of Demolished Buildings In Aba’


Chief Reagan Ufomba has joined in demanding that Abia State Government led by Gov Okezie Ikpeazu should seek for ways at negotiating with house owners in Aba whose properties have been demolished or marked to be demolished.

Reagan to Ikpeazu: 'Pay Compensation To Owners Of Demolished Buildings In Aba'
Chief Reagan Ufomba

In his write up, which was published on his Facebook handle, Chief Ufomba exposed the fact that those buildings are products of negligence of successive governments in Abia State and that some of those house owners have been paying dues and levies of different types to the State government which underscore the point that the government has been culpable.

He concluded by advising the State government to negotiate compensation with House owners and also to avoid economically viable structures.

Read his full update:

Demolition of Buildings in Aba

The present government has continued to give flicker of hope that it could do well on roads given the necessary human and financial resources.

This, expectedly, is coming at a huge cost to government and cheers to many, but tears and misery to some.

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I will not allow myself to be drawn into the logic of how expensive or delicious the omelette we are savouring is. Or how “impossible it is to make one without breaking the egg”. Or whether there may be any omelette at all to make without an egg. Or whether past government acquiesced by collecting all manner of dues, levies and taxes from owners and occupants of these allegedly illegal buildings thereby turning them into juristic persons, and their multi-billion investments into mere breakable eggs for our collective omelette. Or whether government slept on her right these past years, and simply waiting for the egg to be hatched so that it could be broken into a delicious omelette. Or whether government aided and abetted illegality, one form or the other . Or if our wives have long discovered ingenious ways of “making jucier omelette without breaking the egg”. Or whether some human beings now swallow the omelette, the shell, the white and the yoke altogether ?

It’s all about leadership style.

But on a lighter mood…….: what if the ‘illegal occupants’ had thought that the hitherto elusive roads would never come again, as successive governments, spurred by frenzy of continuity, aided by these same folks who had without qualms elevated the unfortunate endowment of bad roads and evil governance to a position of sainthood ?

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My position on the need to extensively clean-up Aba and her roads and delist her from a notorious list of one of the dirtiest slums in the world has never changed one bit. So also has my position on avoidable demolition of buildings, especially commercially viable ones in revenue generating areas like Aba, not changed too.

My position remains that the roads so built would be paid for by Abians and not  “Mexicans” in this case. This topic is for another day.

Right to onwership of land under the 1999 Constitution (as amended) is unquestionably vested in government. With this latitude, every right thinking Abian expects government, and must encourage government, to do more, while it remains the duty of government to ensure that her good deeds come with little or no pain.

Consequently, I enjoin government to tamper justice with mercy by negotiating with all persons whose buildings were demolished in Aba, especially where government had acquiesced by collecting levies in the past.

In these austere times a win-win cannot amount to weakness on the part of government.


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