Orji Kalu Slams Nigeria’s Judges, Urges them to emulate their Colleagues In US


Following his case with the Nigerian anti-graft agency (EFCC), The Billionaire businessman and former governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu has tasked judges to emulate their colleagues in the United States instead of compromising on justice.

Dr Orji Uzor Kalu
Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu

Speaking in Washington DC, United States yesterday, during a dinner hosted by Chief Daniel Eke, Kalu said the US judiciary is strong, which was  evidenced with what happened between it and President Donald Trump.

He said all  the judiciaries in Africa,  especially Nigeria should stand up and emulate US and other countries

“They should stand up and give us judgment by the law, no matter the condition they find themselves,” he said.

The former governor decried situations where judges  jail innocent citizens for something they never did,  adding that it was time people rose to defend the judiciary.

Recounting the genesis of his case with Nigerian anti-graft agency, Kalu said he had declined many interviews over the lingering case, noting that since it is already in a court of competent jurisdiction, it was appropriate he reserves his comments.

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He also lamented the ill-treatment he has received from his former party, the PDP, which he  claimed had benefited very much from him.

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He said: “We need to know that living on rumour and accusing people of something they never did, accusing genuine leaders who means well, of alleged wrong they never did.  All of you know that if the PDP was a company, I ought to own 90 per cent of it, because in 1998 I gave the party its first N500 million. By then, I wasn’t in government. I also  gave the presidential candidate, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, over N100 million in 1998.

“How many Nigerians would have done that? Yet the same government, the same PDP, took my bank, took my airline, took my oil licence, to put me out of business entirely because I proposed that I must run for president in 2007, I also opposed the 3rd term, which they are denying today.”

Further speaking , he said: “Yes I am being tried by the EFCC, but I have people  who work with British intelligence. I have people who work with United States intelligence and they know that even when President Obasanjo wrote to Tony Blair about me, Tony Blair told him they won’t arrest me  me in London because I was not corrupt. When he also  wrote to President Bush Junior, he  wrote him back and told him they won’t arrest me because I hadn’t committed any offence.”

Kalu said God used people like him to pull Nigeria together, adding that Nigerians know those who are corrupt and urged the law enforcement agencies not to overlook them

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“The law enforcement agencies should go after them and fight corruption, which is a major challenge to Nigeria’s development. I am a trustee of Nigeria dream, but a few Nigerians  are putting what I put in 1998 of which  most of them today are billionaires, but nobody ask them how they made the money. These are people who couldn’t afford one kobo, one naira or one cent for their living.

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“So, people should fight corruption the right way. Obviously, I cannot talk about this now because we are already in the court of record and court of competent jurisdiction. I believe the court will decide who is right and wrong. I believe  in the liberty and profoundness of the judiciary and I believe in the sanctity of the law and I believe that the law should not be a respecter of nobody, people should respect the law and not the law respecting them.

“I also believe that if I am wrong I should be punished and if I am right I should be asked to go to my house, because, I have suffered, internationally. I have lost all the credit lines I am doing business with.

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“We have lost reward from international business people. We have lost doing business with them for the past 10 years and we have lost almost everything, but we give thanks to God. “ Kalu added.

The former governor who spoke on restructuring of the country, called on President Buhari to tackle the economy, according to him; “Restructuring is a must. If we restructure politically and economically and reduce the states to eight or 10 regions or federating units, we will be in the states and contribute to the federal.

“I call on the president to tackle the economy, the same way he tackled Boko Haram, so that Nigerians will benefit from their country because Nigerians are not asking for much, they are only asking for three meals on their table, decent health care, decent school for their children, decent places for them to go and move freely for their business.

“I must commend the President and all the service Chiefs for the good job they are doing especially in winning the terrorism fight. “

Source: The Sun



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