Onyendilefu the structured face of fraud in Abia


By Emmanuel Onyiriogwu 

That Abia has been bedeviled with the worst form of governmental corruption, corporate fraud and reckless misuse of public funds ever known to mankind within the last 10 years is only being modest with the facts.

Abia State Tower – Umuahia State Capital

It is also an indisputable fact that no corporate or governmental fraud will take place without the aid of a highly placed civil servant.

It therefore becomes a pain in the hearts of any rational mind that a civil servant will be bold enough to openly display stolen wealth in a society where poverty stares everyone in the face as a result of government irresponsibility and incompetence leading to its inability to meet up with its corporate social responsibility to the citizenry.

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Gabriel Chinenye Onyendilefu the Accountant general of Abia state has positioned himself as an instrument used to siphon the collective wealth of Abians and stash same into private pockets. Onyendilefu served as the states A.G all through T.A Orji`s evil administration and he also masterminded the looting of Abia treasuring using the instrumentality of his office having been in charge of the financial runnings of the state.


Onyendilefu Gabriel a cashier with the government house Umuahia, was then living in  Chief T.A Orji`s boys quarters but today he is undoubtedly the richest civil servant in the entire south eastern Nigeria, he was promoted to Director of Finance government house, as a reward for the successful propagation of  all the illegal financial transactions leading to the election of T.A Orji as Governor of the state from detention, having been used to cover up all the fraud that has been going on in the government house  Umuahia overtime, the then Governor T.A Orji  now promoted him to deputy Accountant General, after the forceful redeployment of the then Accountant General as at that time Gabriel Chinenye Onyendilefu was made the Acting Accountant General of the state and subsequently became the Abia accountant general after three years as acting AG.

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Onyendilefu carries the unenviable reputation of being the most corrupt civil servant in Abia and Nigeria in general, he owns hotels across the federation, Abuja, Umuahia, Asaba and in so many other places, he also owns choice properties and has used his position and influence in government to intimidate and grab landed properties in Umuahia and aba. His mansion in Umuahia sitting on over 5 plots of land is said to have been worth over 250 million naira.

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He is also reported to own buildings cited in choice areas in Abuja, Lagos, Enugu and Portharcourt.

G.C Onyendilefu controls a fraud racket that was effectively used by T.A Orji and inherited by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu.

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On October of 2015 Gabriel Chinenye Onyendilefu was appointed a permanent secretary in the states civil service, but being a very important tool that drives the fraud and looting of the states treasury and also one who has mastered the game of covering up all the fraud being perpetrated by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu PhD it is therefore very unsafe for him to be redeployed to a ministry where he is supposed to be heading as the civil service structure demands, that accounts for why Gabriel Chinenye Onyendilefu still remains the Accountant General Of Abia state.

Emmanuel Onyiriogwu wrote from Umuahia
Op-Ed: Content and Contribution are solely that of the author, and does not represent the opinion policy of Abacityblog.


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