Not Too Young To Run by Obinna Uche Uzoije

Obinna Uche Uzoije
Obinna Uche Uzoije 

By Obinna Uche Uzoije on the proposed Not Too Young To Run bill

We are not too young to run because our country is in dire need of participatory democracy. INEC spend billions during elections and less than 30 million people come out to vote. I mean one-sixth of the population alone make it to vote. Many get voided, many don’t care and those who don’t care get to decide the votes unwittingly.

The modal and active fraction of the population are not allowed to contest, they are just mostly used as porns to gain an end – political wizardry – order of the day. The political facets of our country require youthful strengths and unconstrained imaginative abilities.

We are not too young to run because time is such a threat. The time we can bring the Nigerian dream to fruition is now. A youthful age is the age of dreams and we cannot achieve such ends when we are old, we feel our resources are wasting and we need to employ our evolved street wisdom, our know how that is in vogue and our machinations to the good use of our younger and older generation.

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We are not asking for an exclusion of the elderly politicians but we are asking for the passing of the bill that will have the age neighbourhoods of those that run for political offices lowered to accommodate us, we are not the first, the pioneers of this country’s course were in their 20’s and they successfully built this country to what she is.

We are not too young to run because we have a sense of balance and we need to go from potential leaders of tomorrow to kinetic leaders of today. Independent candidacy that shatters the myth of political godfathers that have jinxed our states should come to be. No matter how difficult it may seem, if we are able to garner votes, pull resources and political machinery together in various capacities, we can run for political offices devoid of the unnecessary stress and higgledy-piggledy the political offices put one through.

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We are not too young to run because we see status quo everyday. The government schools we attended are almost extinct and we want to change these things everyday, we can only post pictures and protest with hashtags like cheap needles. Our roads are moribund, our states are handled like local governments and our parents are owed salaries of many months. We use peanuts to make a lot of impacts in our states while our old leaders use them to build mansions, save overseas and yet again, most of them are planning to buy their ways through upcoming elections. We won’t sit back and watch old hands and old strategies keep our states in incongruous juxtapositions and turn our country into a punchline.
We can do and need to do something right now.

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You cannot deceive the process.

We are #NotTooYoungToRun


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