Nigerian Civil War left Igbo Race scarred and resentful – Illbliss recalls how he survived in Lagos


The South East rap lord, Illbliss (Oga boss) has narrated how he survived in Lagos State following the stories he heard about the West while growing up in the East, their culture, and their alleged hatred to the Igbo race.


Illbliss posted the below write up on his Instagram handle:

He said; I grew up in a quiet town known as CoalCity, ENUGU Eastern Nigeria. The East was home all through my formative years until I moved to Lagos after graduating from UNN for my YouthService. 

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The West instilled the hustle AND belief in me. IT also exposed me to the real opportunities in the music business and helped me achieve my dreams.

The Nigerian Civil War left the Igbo Race scarred and resentful of the West. Growing up, I overheard many conversations about the cunningness and treachery of the Yorubas and how they couldn’t be trusted. From the Yorubas, I heard how much the Igbo man worshiped money and how far we could sell out our own for the right amount. 

I often wondered how so much bile and ethnic divisions could exist amongst us. Intentionally I embraced Yoruba culture and tradition in my Social Studies classes in Primary School, I knew all the western States, capitals and names of Governors by heart. I learnt to sketch the late Awolowo faster than any of our past leaders. 

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Till date I find both cultures absolutely rich, vibrant and OURS! In contemporary Nigerian hiphop, our dialects play a pivotal role and helped build a strong connection btw the artists and the streets(fans) .

 This song celebrates two hustlers from the East & the West, with mutual and absolutely genuine respect for each other’s craft. Beyond the music it heals the horrid memories of our past and unifies us back into one.


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