Ndi-Igbo not ready for Biafra, Says Chief Emmanuel Offodile

Chief Emmanuel Offodile
Chief Emmanuel Offodile

A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC and the Chairman/CEO of Emglo Investments Company Limited, Chief Emmanuel Offodile has said that Ndi-Igbo are not ready for Biafra, citing that those agitating for a Biafran nation does not mean well for the entire Igbo race.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Sun, Offodile said there is nothing wrong in Buhari’s administration in detaining Nnamdi Kanu, being the chief security officer of the country, he has every right to detain anyone that violates the law – adding that this administration doesn’t flout court orders; the detainees are held under valid charges.

Speaking on Biafra agitation, Chief Offodile said the timing is not ripe because Nigeria of today is not Nigeria of yesterday.

“This agitation can destabilise the country as a whole and what do we stand to gain? If you want to protest against anything, must you be unruly and violent and burning tyres on the road?

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“Violence does not have to be with guns. Obstruction of roads to prevent people from moving about freely is violence; even wielding ordinary stick can be being armed. If Igbo have to start agitating, there are more civil and decent ways to go about it.

“The Igbo have prominent people that can speak and the world would listen but no dignified people can come out to support what is happening.

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“Nnamdi Kanu is blaming people that are more knowledgeable than him. Many of the agitators don’t even know the full meaning of Biafra. You can’t have two governments in a country at the same time.

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“The Nigeria-Biafra war impoverished the Igbo; the war reduced the Igbo to nothing. Now that we are coming up again, some people want to take us back to where we struggled out from. People calling on Igbo to break away are calling for second destruction.

“In any case, the Igbo are not ready for Biafra. If all Igbo come together and decide that all Igbo should relocate their business at, say Trade Fair, Lagos, to the East and from all sections of the country, the impact will be felt. If we can do that, Nigeria will come begging us to come back and start treating us with respect.

“Let the Igbo everywhere come home and invest. Let us replicate Nnewi everywhere across Igbo land. Let us move our shops and products to markets in the East; that is the best way to agitate successfully. Those posturing for Biafra are attention seekers and doing so for self-aggradisement and pecuniary reasons. They want to leverage on the noise to get noticed and, perhaps, be given something.

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“If we get our acts together, even some non Igbo will fight for us. The Yoruba and Hausa have icons, their rallying point, but we have none. All we have is disparate people intent on pulling one another down. Tell me, who will coordinate us when we reach Biafra?


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