IPOB, MASSOB, 50 Other Biafra Groups Agree to pursue Biafra under one group


A unity meeting of Biafran agitators came to a crux at the weekend with over 50 freedom groups pledging to collapse their umbrellas and form a single front to pursue their life-long goal of achieving Biafra. The Biafrans also unanimously agreed that Nnamdi Kanu, currently in Kuje prison, is a tremendous success in the struggle who have paid his dues and must be given all the support he deserves by all freedom fighters.

Biafra groups

The groups, drawn from across the present South-East and South-South, included Movement for the Actualizaton of the Sovereign State of Biafra(MASSOB), Customary Government of the Indigenous People of Biafra(CG-IPOB), Biafra Zionist Movement(BZM), Afra Descendants Movement(ADM), Eastern Veterans Social Welfare(EVSW), Bilie Human Rights Initiative(BHRI) and Biafra Descendants Movement(BDM).

Others include Radio Biafra, Biafran Central Council(BCC), Eastern Peoples’ Movement(EPM), Customary Government of IPOB, and Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria(MOBIN).

The others include Ochie Igbo, Anang Front, Igbozurume, Biafra Liberation Council(BLC), Wakawaka Biafra, Anioma Biafra, Biafra Reporters and Biafra Voice International(BVI). Also represented include Bonny Indigenous Group, Biafra Women Leaders and Great Commonwealth of the Niger Delta among others.

The unity meeting was convened by the Supreme Council of Elders of the IPOB, and presided over by the Vice-Chairman of the Elders’ Council of the IPOB, Dr Dozie Ikedife. It held in Nnewi, hometown of the late Head of State of the defunct Peoples’ Republic of Biafra, Lt Col Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu.

In his welcome address, Engineer Anthony Aniebue who is the Administrator of the Customary Government of the IPOB said “today will mark a milestone we are having this Unity Meeting. This is the third Unity Meeting we have had, and it’s here I learnt about the Customary Government. I accepted to serve because I believe in the rule of law, the political process, and the diplomatic process. Wherever we are coming from, let us know that the sole objective is Biafra. We are working for Biafra”.

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Dr Ikedife in his address titled ‘A Call for End of Discordant Tunes, A Call for Synergy’, said “there is need for us to be united if really we are pursuing the legal legitimate entitlements of our people, right to self determination, as supported by United Nations Acts, African Union, and even the Federal Government of Nigeria.

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“Many individuals and groups have contributed great effort in the pursuit of self determination. It is hardly necessary to name names now. This is due to the efforts of people like Chief Ralph Uwazurike, Namdi Kanu, INC, IPOB, BHRI, MASSOB, BZM, Supreme Council of Elders, the media, reported court cases and so many others home and abroad”.

While acknowledging that all the groups were following the paths they felt was the right due to the Republican nature of the average Biafran, Ikedife in his speech solicited that it is time for all to close ranks and stop all in-fighting “Let the misunderstandings of yesterday be forgiven and forgotten. Anyone who kills his brother or sister cannot be declared a hero. Let us focus synergistically to our goal”, he appealed.

He also made reference to the tower of Babel in the Bible, stating that they must avoid having ‘what we are building end in confusion and we become the laughing stock of onlookers’.

He pronounced curses on those who have turned the Biafran Struggle into a money-making venture, saboteurs and others who deliberately oppose unity, while pronouncing unquantifiable blessings upon those who have continued to fight for Biafra without plans to enrich themselves.

He also informed the house that some of the leaders like Barrister Dike, Justice Eze Ozobu, and Gen Joe Achuzia were unavoidably absent.

He ended his speech by stating “It’s where God says we will be we will be. See yourselves as agitators and no one is fighting for himself. Lets unite and not scatter in the course of this Biafra. Nobody is asking you to dissolve your group, but let us stop insulting the other man, let us stop fighting the other man. There is room for Biafra. Do the one you know how to do. That’s the only way”.

Shepherd of Afra Descendants Movement, Wari Alabo Kalada Jene from the Ijaw nation informed the agitators of how meetings he had with Nnamdi Kanu yielded results as Kanu  sent apologies to the Elders, especially Dr Ikedife for insulting them.

His words “I am here with a message from Nnamdi Kanu-I asked him and he said he is prepared to work with all of us, and Ikedife said I should go back to him to send a representative to attend our unity meeting. He(Kanu) told me to begin to represent him whenever there is such a meeting. He gave me a blanket cheque to represent him in any ramifications”.

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“So I bought drinks and came to apologize on behalf of Kanu. That is the message I came with, to say that Nnamdi Kanu has apologized. He is our son. He deserves all the honor, all the solidarity he needs”.

Ifeanyichukwu OkikeAbiama, IPOB/Radio Biafra representative asked the Igbo Biafrans to put their house in order, since the other nations are all ready but not happy about the disunity among the Igbos “If you know where you lost your brother, go and find him. If you know where you wronged your brother, go and ask for forgiveness.

There is no time again, let u sit up. No more time to rest. In the presence of the almighty we are all equal. Let the past to go and face the future. It’s the future that matters to us now. Let today be the beginning when you will send a very strong signal to the coastal areas of Biafra. When you do, you will hear their response”.

Okechukwu Orji, of the Eastern Peoples’ Congress while expressing support for the unity moves, told the groups that ‘If a group has an internal problem, let them go there and solve it, not come to public and fight. Don’t multiply groups.

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Uchenna Madu, current leader of MASSOB, while addressing the gathered agitators, told them to eschew the spirit of personal interest and embrace that of collective responsibility. Hear him “we know ourselves, and we know why we are here, even though we represent different groups in Biafraland.The essence of what we are saying here is that we should have unity, cohesion. The problem we have is that we still have the spirit of group interest. Some are still executing the interest of our groups. Some are seeing the positions they hold as their birthright.

“Some introduced themselves as leaders of the government of Biafra. We need to go back and start afresh.

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“We should eschew all these big names, and come under one umbrella. As the represent of MASSOB, the foremost group, I am even willing to drop the name MASSOB. I am ashamed that the riverine is telling us to put our house in order. In all the groups, all the leaders are Igbos. Why should that be? Where are the positions for other tribes?That I why I said we should go back and put our houses in order.

“If have followed me, you will see that Nnamdi Kanu is the most loved Biafran today. I have been in different prisons for almost four years. During that period, we were celebrating. In every revolution, there must be a hero figure. One person must go to jail. But there are bigger parts of the struggle. We must start afresh so that we can work with the spirit of oneness.

On Ikedife, he submitted “I am proud of you sir, for organizing this meeting. I humbly suggest that we will continue to encourage our fathers to continue these meetings, and we start afresh. Let’s form, in the general interest of all Biafran groups, let’s form it together. We have to discuss.

“I salute the Supreme Council of Elders of Biafra. Let there be no more discrimination. Let them carry everybody along. If the elders continue to carry us along, we will continue to do what they want us to do.

Sunny Chigbogu Okoye of EVSW in his address advised that a composite group be created to unite the movement.

Nkwabong Umoh, one of the women leaders also spoke “each group should go and talk to themselves. When I see the things they write or talk on Biafra, I am ashamed. They should bring professors and educators and teach our children about Biafra”.

It was finally resolved that elders of the South South and South East wings of the struggle should meet, and invite all the parties to a subsequent meeting where final resolutions will be reached.

Source: The Sun


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